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Thierry FINOT
  • Physics
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  • 邮箱: thierry.finot@sjtu.edu.cn

Teaching positions

2016–present Lavoisier High School and “Prépa” Paris, FRANCE “Prépa” 2nd year physics teacher

2013–2015 SPEIT Shanghai, CHINA Professor of physics and chemistry in fundamental cycle

2004–2013 Janson de Sailly High School and “Prépa” Paris, FRANCE

2015–2016  “Prépa” 1st year physics teacher

Participation in “Cordée de la réussite” (help to students from disadvantaged backgrounds)


2007–2012 Confucius Institute of Diderot University Paris, FRANCE

Chinese classes, HSK level 4

1990–1994 École normale supérieure de Lyon Lyon, FRANCE

Master’s degree in physics “Agrégation” (French competitive exam for high level teaching) in physics