SPEIT team made record achievements in 36th MCM/ICM of the US

The results of the 36th Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) were announced recently. SPEIT team made record achievements.

 As the data shows, 89 SPEIT students participated in the MCM/ICM, and it’s awarded 1 Outstanding Winner/Inform, 1 Finalist, 5 Meritorious Winners, 14 Honorable Mentions, and 13 Successful Participants.


Such a breakthrough is the result of SPEIT’s consistent efforts of teaching mathematics as a basic subject. SPEIT encouraged its students to take an active part in the contest, creating a favorable environment that motivated them. And with intensive teaching and training, the students of SPEIT developed rigorous logic thinking, acquired extensive mathematical knowledge, and nurtured a character of meeting the challenges head on, which were all demonstrated in past MCM/ICM.

As the contest was held amid the rage of COVID-19, SPEIT provided care to the students before and after the contest and offered guidance via online platforms, paving the way for their smooth participation and performance. Prior to the contest, an MCM/ICM lecture was held at the Scientific Innovation Centre of SPEIT, where student Xia Junkai introduced his experience in subject selection, common algorithms, visualization tools, and paper writing. The students also participated in a training camp organized by GAO Xiaofeng who taught at the Computer Science Department of the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in better preparations for the contest. Despite COVID-19, the students were actively involved in the contest, with up to 89 participants, a record high. Although some of them failed to get it through due to various reasons, their active participation and preparation are worth encouraging.

SPEIT students who won the Outstanding Winner/Informs and the Finalist:

  FENG Yuqin and CHEN Xiangyi who won the Outstanding Winner/Informs

Requirement of INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences): select one from six questions (A, B, C, D, E, F) and appoint an O team as the excellent team of INFORMS whose model style and content shall perfectly demonstrate the expertise and practice of the members. The chance of winning it stands at approximately 0.035%.         


                        CHEN Guangming, and WANG Haoyu, BAI Ruobing who won the Finalist


Here are what the students said after winning the awards: 

CHEN Xiangyi:

I think we were lucky to be awarded O+informs in the MCM/ICM. And it wouldn’t be possible without our own hard work on one hand and the support that SPEIT has offered for our participation on the other. The Scientific Innovation Centre of SPEIT encouraged us to take part in the contest with a lot of help, such as publicity, sign-up, and lectures. I wish SPEIT could get even better results in the next MCM/ICM!

BAI Ruobing:

First of all, I feel very honoured to be able to work with other team members to participate in the contest and finally get a satisfying result. And second, I would like to thank Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the MCM2020 training camp and the Scientific Innovation Centre of SPEIT for various training sessions and courses prior to the contest, where we really learnt a lot of new knowledge. Last but not least, I would like to thank the leaders and teachers of SPEIT for offering us a great platform to learn and compete. Wish we could all make progress and create even better achievements.


YANG Shujian:

As a freshman who’s new to MCM/ICM, I had to learn many things from scratch. I really felt I had almost no clue at all at the beginning. But fortunately, with the support of SPEIT, our team had the opportunity to participate in the training camp organized by GAO Xiaofeng. The systematic lectures and experience sharing slowly increased my understanding of these mathematical modeling contests and allowed me to get into the territories I’ve never been to. The harsh contest might be suffering, but it could motivate us to find various solutions to real problems in our life and develop our abilities in paper writing, programming, team work, and information gathering, which wouldn’t be taught in class. Maybe that’s a kind of charm that only application-oriented contests like the MCM/ICM could have.


Students who won MCM/ICM awards:


Outstanding Winners/Informs: FENG Yuqin, and CHEN Xiangyi

Finalists: CHE Guangming, BAI Ruobing, and WANG Haoyu

Meritorious Winners: WU Kaiwei, LIU Zuhong, YANG Xinyuan, YANG Xiaoxian, CHEN Yushen, SHEN Xinyi, WU Yifan, LI Xiaoyu, ZHOU Nianxue, and LIU Shiyu

Honorable Mentions: HUANG Tianyang, CHENG Haozhe, CAO Jia, WANG Xingzi, LI Minglang, FEI Xiao, LI Han, FENG Cheng, LI Yuhan, YANG Yingxuan, DING Anke, SONG Zeqing, HUANG Boqiao, YANG Shujian, WANG Jingyan, LIU Yuxin, HUANG Siyuan, LIU Jingyi, LI Yuda, WANG Jixuan, LIU Sirui, YANG Yutong, HUANG Zhige, SHU Yunmeng, XU Yiliu, ZOU Anni, and ZENG Hongchuan.

Successful Participants: JING Zhan, ZHAO Yuanjie, YANG Xicun, GUAN Xinyuan, LIU Yinuo, JIAO Liyao, YU Yunhao, XU Kexin, XIA Shangning, ZOU Yihao, CUI Zhipu, GAO Jialei, MA Ziqi, ZHANG Ting, HUANG Ganyu, PAN Qiaoyi, JIANG Xinbei, WANG Haicheng, LING Zhu, WEI Pingchuan, CHENG Yujia, LIN Haihan, RONG Tianze, HUANG Suizhi, LIANG Rui, XU Shuhang, LV Yongxi, LIU Yuanfan, FAN Yilong, HE Tianmo, and LIU Shang.



Held by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Application (COMAP), the Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) is the world’s top mathematical modeling contest, known as the Olympics in the mathematical modeling community. With the longest history among all sorts of current modeling contests, it’s been held 36 times since 1985, attracting students from thousands of universities and colleges from over 20 counties.