Intercultural Module | Artefact’s Chief Data Scientist Vitor Ducatte Invited to Deliver Online Lecture for SPEIT Intercultural Module

As COVID-19 continues to plague the world, SPEIT has remained consistent in offering online classes for its students in cooperation with its partners from the academic and business communities. On the afternoon of May 27th, 2020, Mr. Vitor Ducatte, Chief Data Scientist at Artefact, delivered an original online lecture with latest scientific developments to the students of SPEIT, titled “Introduction to AI in Business”, as another intercultural module demonstrating the school-business cooperation of SPEIT.


     AI is not only a catchword in our time, but a key component of the digital transition that many companies are undergoing. But how should it be defined and applied and what value would it deliver to companies? By answering these important questions, Mr. Vitor led the students into a miraculous AI world.



     In the 1950s, a meeting was held at Dartmouth College in the United States, where some of the world’s best scientists at that time were involved, including John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Claude Shannon, Allen Newell, and Herbert Simon, which ushered in the era of AI. With the algorithm theory, the advances in computer technologies, and persistent research in half a century, we have seen the first applications of AI to the business world. And AI became even stronger in terms of algorithm as big data emerged. Mr. Vitor elaborated on the evolution of deep learning and discussed with the students the huge potential value of AI in the business world. As he pointed out, global famous Internet companies are going to great lengths to increase research in AI technologies, and many tech companies are developing their strategies with “AI as a service”, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Mi.


     By presenting Artefact as a case study, Mr. Vitor introduced how Artefact as a digital service company created business value and influence with data consulting and data-driven marketing. For example, Artefact helped Danone China accelerate data conversion with a four-step approach, used AI to help L’Oréal predict sales demand and optimize its operational plans and AI-based matching services, and connected the archives of L‘Ouest-France with latest news to allow customers to have a glimpse of the past and improve reading experience.



     In the Q&A part, the students discussed some technical details mentioned in the lecture with Mr. Vitor. Knowing the huge demand and good prospects of AI applications to the business world, many of them were thrilled and voiced their willingness to start right now to work on some simple AI programmes, develop a few open source projects, and gain a deeper understanding of the deep learning network. This lecture provoked much discussion and thought among the students.


     As a signature course series for SPEIT’s school-business cooperation, the intercultural module is aimed at enabling SPEIT students to have an understanding of the latest developments across all sectors by offering them lectures to attend and opportunities to visit companies so that they can broaden their visions, enrich their knowledge pool, and be better guided and assisted as they choose majors and set career goals.






Vitor Ducatte, Chief Data Scientist at Artefact, graduated from Centrale Supélec and Unicamp, and have many years of work experience in software development, IT infrastructure, cloud system, and data science.