Intercultural Module|Director of Quality Assurance Department of Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd Mr. LI Peng Invited to Deliver Online Lecture for SPEIT Intercultural Module

On the afternoon of June 10th 2020, SPEIT invited Mr. LI Peng, Director of Quality Assurance Department of Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd, to deliver an online lecture, titled “New Quality Management in the Era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)” to the second-year students of SPEIT, for its intercultural module.


       The pandemic that came out of the blue in 2020 have plunged every one of us into a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. With every industry grappling with various challenges, what can businesses do in terms of quality management in a market where competition becomes increasingly intense, external demand tapers, and costs keep shooting up? Mr. Li gave some insight into the question as he shared with the students what he thought about quality management as a seasoned front-line worker.



        As Volkswagen Group’s second largest global powerhouse for engine manufacturing, Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd has earned a good reputation for its long track record of high-quality engine manufacturing. With over 140 vendors in the upstream and 8 factories in the downstream to work with, how could the company manage to ensure the quality of its products on the fast-running production lines when the inventory was low? The fact that it did it so well speaks volumes for its inspiring quality management philosophy. Volkswagen Group has not been immune to various challenges, as Mr. LI raised a few of them, such as how to find specialized yet versatile staff, how to improve everyone’s work efficiency, how to motivate staff to be proactive and develop a sense of achievement, how to break down departmental barriers within the company, and how to reduce costs, enhance product competitiveness, and expand market share with limited resources. Mr. LI offered some intriguing solutions to these questions based on the experience of his company.


      A qualified quality assurance worker shall, as he put it, use the stability of management and his or her learning and working experience to deal with external uncertainties. A change in management concept, he said, can really propel high quality development of a company, which is translated into, in the case of Volkswagen, a focus on organizational optimization, structural flexibility, and value extension from a quality management perspective. Having introduced smaller things such as product and process quality, Mr. LI talked more about something bigger, such as the strategic thinking of a company as a whole, operating quality, cross-departmental coordination and collaboration, and corporate culture. He then shared with the students some of his hard-earned working experience as a business manager based on detailed case studies without reservation, and expressed his hope that they could become outstanding engineering specialists or corporate managers after graduation.


       He concluded the lecture with a thought-provoking quote of what Mr. Freeman YANG (or YANG Gang), founder of Crosby Management Institute and “Father of Zero Defect in China”, said about the people of high quality in the future: they shall strive to become those that integrate and promote values, the educators and enablers to encourage transition, upgrading, reform, and management, those that guard against and monitor risks, those that establish organizations and systems and coordinate relations, and the builders and leaders of quality strategy and culture.

      As a signature course series for SPEIT’s school-business cooperation, the intercultural module is aimed at enabling SPEIT students to have an understanding of the latest developments across all sectors by offering them lectures to attend and opportunities to visit companies so that they can broaden their visions, enrich their knowledge pool, and be better guided and assisted as they choose majors and set career goals.