SPEIT Holds Opening Ceremony for First-Year Students of 2020

At around 19:00 on September 12th, the SPEIT ceremony for welcoming the first-year students of 2020 was kicked off at the conference hall of the Tsung-Dao Lee Library in Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), which was attended by the French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET, Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu, Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang, Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Ms. LI Yi, Assistant to the Dean of SPEIT Ms. ZHANG Lihui, Physics Coordinator of SPEIT Mr. Thierry FINOT, French Coordinator of SPEIT Mr. Fredy TABOURIN, and Chinese Coordinator of Energy and Power of SPEIT Ms. WEI Guanghua, as well as some faculty members from the Student Affairs Office and the Academic Affairs Office, all the first-year students of 2020, and senior student representative, who came together to enjoy this unique and precious moment for school reopening.
Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Ms. LI Yi is hosting the ceremony.
The Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan extended his welcome to the entrants of 2020 via a video link. He said that 101 students joined the SPEIT family in this autumn often hailed as a harvest season, and encouraged them to adapt to their college life as soon as possible and work hard in the brand new stage of their life to improve and enjoy the moment.
The French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET followed him to deliver a speech, with postgraduate student Mr. YU Haobo acting as the simultaneous interpreter. With warm greetings expressed to the students, Mr. TOUMAZET talked about SPEIT as an extended family where every one of them was a sibling to each other, and encouraged them to express themselves freely and adapt quickly.
In his address, Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang gave a detailed introduction to the innovative development programme of SPEIT featuring Chinese-French cooperation in school running. A strong team of academic members and a host of advanced laboratory equipment, he said, have underpinned SPEIT as a world-class institution in engineering education, supported by its close collaboration with the business community that pushes for deeper integration between industry, academic development, and research. Also, he expressed his hope that the students could make good use of everything that SPEIT could offer and make a difference.
Teacher representative Ms. WEI Guanghua talked about how to make plans in college life by citing her own experience. As she put it, everyone would have access to various opportunities and platforms to attain goals and pursue dreams in a college where everything is possible. And she reminded the students of distributing their time more reasonably for a better balance between life and study.
In her speech, ZHOU Nianxue, a second-year student of SPEIT, shared some of her experience and thoughts in entering the college as a student representative, and encouraged her fellow students to work hard and earnestly fulfill every task coming at them. Also, she advised them to seize every opportunity to participate in various extra-curriculum activities and find a path that would best suit their development going forward.
As the representative of the first-year students, WANG Yifei voiced her excitement about entering SPEIT. She expressed her anticipation of its Chinese-French cooperation and of any potential challenges that she‘s been prepared for, and her hope that she could one day serve as a bridge between China and France and contribute her share to the bilateral exchanges after being educated in the innovative development system of SPEIT.
Class tutors, psychological counselors, and instructors for the first-year students all came on stage to introduce themselves in a beautiful piece of music, and speak in chorus to welcome the students and look forward to their forthcoming unforgettable college life together.
The event was concluded in a pleasant atmosphere with one round of applause after another. The entrants gained a better understanding of the faculty members and the unique development system of SPEIT, and were deeply impressed with its international culture. Starting from this ceremony, they would be firmer in their conviction to dream bigger and work harder to embrace their new life in college.