Intercultural Module|Senior Modeling Engineer of Ping An Asset Management SUN Xuxu Invited to Deliver Lecture for SPEIT

On the afternoon of October 21st 2020, Mr. SUN Xuxu, senior modeling engineer of Ping An Asset Management Co., Ltd. delivered an informative and well-structured online lecture to SPEIT students for its intercultural module.



Following the first fintech lecture, this lecture, the second of its kind, is customized by SPEIT students based on their reflections on the last semester and needs. With a focus on financial models, Mr. SUN introduced the definition of finance, modern finance and financial models, financial modeling and quantitative investment, and financial modeling and big data, by using mathematical formulas and targeting students’ interests.


Mr. SUN used a lot of real case studies to elaborate on the application of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), financial theories and practices of quantitative investment, common quantized signals, and model precision. For the relations between financial models and big data, we know that the data acquired through technology is applied to various investments. For example, we can have the occupancy rate by detecting the cell phone signals in the house at night and project Tesla’s production by analyzing Elon Musk’s micro expressions. But as Mr. SUN pointed out, industry experts are still cautious about it. And he personally suggested that the students should learn more of the underlying logic of finance and employ the latest technology to make decisions in a human-machine way.


Mr. SUN concluded the lecture with a reply to some of the questions raised by students. He recommended those who wish to work in finance to read Zhiwu Chen’s The Logic of Finance and watch The Big Short as primers and increase their studies in C++, mathematical statistics, CPA, and financial statement analysis.