SPEIT Opens Workshop on the “SPEIT Instruction” Series

SPEIT has always been exploring localization of the French preparatory education. To reform its instruction model, summarize the experience in online instruction, and seek for new instruction approaches and concepts, SPEIT introduced a workshop on the “SPEIT Instruction” series, featuring a series of instruction activities, including instruction reform and exploration, instruction competition, and online instruction studies, which will last from mid-October to mid-December.Just Recently, SPEIT held the first workshop, attended by Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu, Deputy Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang, and over 30 Chinese and foreign teachers including heads of all instruction groups, where the teachers exchanged their ideas on Chinese and French instructions including large class instruction, small class exercise and experiment, and oral test, aimed at student-centric classes and interactions between students and teachers. French instruction would be better integrated with mathematics and students’ study arrangements in different periods, to quickly and effectively help students communicate in French. The workshop strengthened communication among various subjects and teachers for instruction.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. LU announced the SPEIT Instruction Competition 2020, the second leg of the “SPEIT Instruction” series, and encouraged teachers to sign up.