Operational Internship Report 2015

In this summer, all the students in grade three participated in 4 weeks operational Internship. Many global-known companies such as Valeo, PSA, ARDIAN, Saint Gobain, faurecia received our students. The objective of operational internship is to obtain the overview of enterprise structure, have Knowledge about first line departments (such as production, logistics, sales etc.)Working condition and have Knowledge about product and market situation/Chinese market situation.

Below is some part of their internship report to share their experience and feelings with us.

FENG Zishuo, troisième année ,spécialisée en Mécanique 

Stagiaire chez Saint Gobain

“j‘ai travaillé avec un ingénieur et quelques techniciens dans le laboratoire et dans l’atelier de l‘encapsulation. On doit rendre compte d’un projet à un client dans 2 mois. Mon responsable du stage organise mon travail en fonction de ce projet. Dans cette semaine, j‘ai ma?trisé la technique essentielle dans le processus de l’encapsulation. De plus, j‘ai participé à l’essai de peeling. Je suis responsable à l‘étiquetage de spécimens, de l’arrangement des données et de la préparation d‘une présentation en utilisant les connaissances techniques que j’ai fait dans la première semaine. 

Le défi ne fait que commencer. A partir de la troisième semaine, je vais faire des enquêtes et des recherches sur ce projet et continuer à faire les expérimentations demandées par le client avec mes collègues. ”

WANG YiFan, troisième année, spécialié en Informatique

stagiaire chez un start- up de SJTUer

“Comme j‘ai mentionné, je suis un des trois ingénieurs front-end. Avant que j’arrive, les autres deux ingénieurs ont déjà fini la troisième version du site. Je commen?ais par réaliser les dessins donnés par la désigner avec Bootstrap. Après quelque jours, j‘ai lu la plupart des documents d’AngularJS et je pouvais travailler sur les contr?leurs du site.

C‘est la première fois que je participe à développer un site si compliqué et j’ai appris beaucoup de choses, non seulement les langages de programmation et les outils, mais aussi un peu de philosophie de programmation, par exemple, des patrons de conception. C‘est facile d’apprendre programmer, c‘est difficile d’organiser et arranger un grand projet.

On va développer le Web app du site à partir de cette semaine et je peux alors contribuer plus.”

CHEN Minkan, major in Mechanic Engineering

Intern of PSA Electronic System department

“During the first week, I worked on the remote pre-cooling system for the gasoline engine vehicles of the different brands, in the R & D Center in Shanghai. The research should be done especially for the gasoline engine vehicles because the remote pre-cooling service requires engine start for them, while for the electric vehicle (EV) and the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) it is not needed, so relatively simpler. In a word, I checked several brands including local brands, joint ventures and imported brands and I‘ve found several remote controlling systems among them. It seemed that even for some luxury cars, the remote precooling service is still not perfect enough. At the end of the week, I integrated the information and made a presentation for my Boss. 

My work in this two-month-internship concerns the vehicle architecture and the China benchmark. For the first part, I should study the PSA vehicle architecture (how the different sections of a car communicate among them and how is the CAN network constructed inside the car) and compared it with the other brands in China. For the second part, I might conduct researches in the Internet or by other methods for basic technical information in China market to help my Boss about the choices of future development. ”

MA Siqi, Major in Energy Engineering

Internship Position: PSA SQUP, Project Core Team Assistant

“ My chief duty in this internship is to fix bugs and improve functions for TITAN, a quality control and management tool. Under the platform of Microsoft Excel, this instrument is used to consolidate, encode, classify and process the data generated by quality test in the car manufacturing process. Besides these tasks, I also help to translate some French documents. 

I have had access into a new understanding toward PSA. During the past two weeks, the first challenge for me was to adapt into the fast work pace and high job demands of this company as soon as possible. With the help of my tutor, I am gradually familiar with and master the operation of TITAN. I was quite confused about the code of TITAN and had no idea about the improvement of this tool at first, but after searching the Internet and the discussion with my French colleague (who is one of the developer of this tool)I begin to sort through my thoughts and succeed in fixing some bugs in the original code. Later, I will try to accelerate the operations. ”

CHEN Qinkai, Major in Information Engineering

Intern in investment department, Ardian

“ My job is to collect information and analyze the current situation of the healthcare industry in order to offer integrated information for investors.

The research on healthcare industry is divided into three sections: research on medicine market, research on medical equipment market and research on medical service market. Each research is divided into three sub‐sections: market overview, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and investment activities.

The main difficulty I met during this internship is the lack of finance knowledge. At the beginning, I knew nothing about finance. However, thanks to the help of Ada (my mentor) and Hong Shui (another intern from Tsinghua University), now I have a general view of the whole finance industry and some necessary knowledge about the finance. Although I do not major in finance, this experience opens my mind and will be beneficial for my carrier in the future. ”