Innovation Center

The Innovation Center, founded in June 2014, is led by SJTU-ParisTech’s Youth League Committee and currently has six members. Its main function is to organize events using its offices, such as innovation contests, courses, WeChat public subscription accounts, salons, and so on, in order to strengthen connections with other schools and companies, and provide a better platform of learning and communication for those fans of innovation inside the school.


1.  Innovation Courses

Main topics of the innovation courses include extra-curricular practical innovation skills, providing students with a foundation for future innovative activities, study, and even work.

Current lectures include C language basic training, an Android software developing workshop, SolidWorks workshop, a project experience sharing event, etc. Students actively participated and benefited from much of this. A new course, MCM/ICM training, will be offered during the fall semester of 2016-17.


2. Innovation contest

The Innovation Center helps students participate in innovation contests, such as the Qianxuesen Cup Innovation Contest, Challenge Cup, Valeo Automobile Design Contest, MCM/ICM, etc. Many students received awards. Additionally, the center organizes its own contests, such as the Chuangxin 3D printing contest. It also assists organizing contests such as the NEO Future Automobile Concept Design Contest, held with PSA, and the Hackathon @ SJTU.


3. Innovation Project Management

The Innovation Center encourages and helps direct students of SJTU-ParisTech to participate in different research and innovation projects. It also helps connect students who have an interest in innovation with their matching tutors or partners.


4. Innovation Salon

The Innovation Salon provides students with a platform to see different innovative products and designs. Students can closely connect with innovations, research, designs, and start-up companies, getting more experience and creating a foundation for their future innovations.


Outlook of Innovation Center

We will work towards the requirement of the State Council of the PRC, of building a top university with top departments. We will direct and organize teams to participate in innovation and start-up contests. We will make use of innovation salons to bring in more technological communication with experts.


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