Total Senior Manager Delegation Visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Total Senior Manager Delegation visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University on March 28th, 2016. Led by Jean-Pierre Loizeau, Chief Inspector of Total University, the Delegation consisted of senior managers from Total companies around the world. The purpose of this visit was to collect and review information on Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s research in the field of energy, energy developing strategies in China and development of SPEIT.




Vice President of SJTU, HUANG Zhen met the Delegation with his warm welcome. He said that SJTU has had a long-term and extensive cooperation with French colleges and enterprises and it had a tremendous capacity in the field of energy in which more material cooperation is expected in the future.



Invited by the delegation, YAN Zhengying, Director of Department of Electrical Power, gave a speech on “The Energy Internet in China”. His speech introduced the reform of energy structure, energy use and energy industry, and the development progress of energy infrastructure and energy informatization. Mr. YAN also introduced some national scientific research projects, which were assumed by the University in its energy research.




LI Ping, Vice President of SPEIT, introduced our school to the delegation. LU Jialiang, Assistant to the Dean introduced our partnership with enterprises and our business club. 



Three students from SPEIT, MA Siqi, DU Xinyuan and JI Bowen introduced their internship, bachelor thesis on power and energy engineering and their views on future energy industry, especially petroleum industry. At the end, the hosts and their guests had up close and free style communication and interactions.



Total is the world's fourth largest oil and gas company with more than 120,000 employees. Its business crosses more than 130 nations in the world. It covers the entire oil and gas industrial chain, including upstream business (exploration, exploitation and production of oil and gas) and downstream businesses (oil refining and marketing, trade and transfer of crude oil and petroleum products). SPEIT has had a long-term cooperative communication with Total. Total has already sent several researchers and managers to SPEIT to give speeches and lessons, and has also invited SPEIT students to attend summer activities held by Total.