SJTU-ParisTech Students Achieved Best Result in History on MCM/ICM

After the announcement of the final results of the 2017 MCM/ICM, among the total of 12 participating teams of SJTU-ParisTech, there is one Finalist, three Meritorious Winners, and eight Honorable Mentions. This reestablished the school’s history. Congratulations again to all award winners.


This year, we have witnessed a huge leap in both the number of participating students and the level of awards received. This, in a way, reflected the result of the school’s focus on basic math and physics training, and the fact that our students are international engineering talents with strong math and physics backgrounds. In French engineering education, basic math and physics plays an important role. In the first three years of the school’s undergraduate program, it’s performing a large-platform teaching method, providing mostly math and physics courses, and focused on the interweaving of different courses and trainings. This provides a strong support for future study of major-specific courses. The school also provides multi-disciplinary training programs aiming at developing comprehensive abilities. Students of SJTU-ParisTech are thus equipped with strong reasoning abilities, broad math and physics knowledge, and the spirit of confronting challenges, all of which were shown in this year’s MCM/ICM contest. Here is what Finalist winner, Xiwei Hu said, “The general math and physics training that professors provided are really helpful for math modeling. It enables us to analyze the question from multiple disciplines. Besides, teachers’ requirements on our lab reports, as well as their mentoring to our paper writing in our multi-disciplinary program, all contributes to our paper writing in this year’s MCM/ICM.”


 The School’s League Committee and Science Innovation Center also organized MCM/ICM Training Camp, providing many pre-contest training to participating students, inviting experienced teachers and past-year award-winning students to discussion panels, etc. Students such as Xiangyu Liu, Xiaorui Ma expressed their appreciation to the pre-contest training of the teachers, saying that teachers attention and help are of great support to them.








MCM/ICM Training Camp organized by SJTU-ParisTech


List of award winners.

Finalists:  Xiangyu Liu, Xiwei Hu

Meritorious Winners: Yuting Zhang, Jin Xia, Bohao Ning, Huan Gao, Huihui Zhou, Ruixiao Ma

Honorable Mentions: Litao Wang, Yucheng Bu, Chen Wu, Shijia Gun, Haobo Yu, Runbo Ni, Wei Liu, Yelan Mo, Chuan Qin, Kaiyi Xie, Ruonan Qian, Ruofan Deng, Songsheng Ying, Chenwei Li, Zeyuan Wu, Kunhao Zheng


The winning team was mentored by Yishuai Liu.


The winning team was also mentored by Yafei Ou


MCM/ICM, organized by COMAP, is one of the top math modeling contests in the world, known as “the Olympics of Math Modeling”. The contest has been held 33 times ever since its foundation in 1985, with participants from thousands of colleges from more than twenty countries. It is the originator of all the different math modeling contests today.