11th Joint Board Meeting of SJTU-ParisTech Held in Shanghai

On May 18th, 2017, the 11th Joint Institutional Board Meeting of SJTU-ParisTech was held on Xuhui  campus of SJTU in Shanghai. Attendants included the Secretary of Party Committee of SJTU Jiang Sixian, Vice President of SJTU Huang Zhen, Xu Xuemin, President of ENSTA-ParisTech Elisabeth Crepon, President of Mines ParisTech Vincent Lafleche, Vice President of École Polytechnique Frank Pacard, President of Telecom ParisTech Yves Poilane, CEO of Valeo (China) Edouard De Pirey and Philippe Bigot from Safran. Other attendants included Executive Vice Dean of SJTU Graduate School Wang Yaguang, Vice Director of the Dean’s Office Lin Yan, Xu Min from the Department of International Collaboration and Communication, Director of Paris Institute of Technology in China Sylvain Ferrari, Manager of the Office of International Education of École Polytechnique Gaelle Le Goff, Educational Consul of the Embassy of France Fabien Chareix, and Technological Consul Gaetan Messin.





Chinese Dean of SJTU-ParisTech Yu Jin, French Dean Joaquin Nassar, Secretary of Party General Branch, Vice Dean Liu Zenglu and Vice Dean Li Ping reported separately to the board about their relevant work during the past year. This year, the school enjoyed great achievements in teaching management, international communication, and school-industry collaboration. Coordinator Alain Chilles, on Math and Computer, won the Exceptional Teaching Award of SJTU in 2017. The school had made progress on providing French-Chinese double mentors to students, and also on deepening school-industry collaboration. Exchange students sent to France had shown great academic performance. Records of the school were also refreshed in the MCM contest this year.


An agreement was reached on the meeting after discussions about student recruiting, student exchange, strengthening teaching resources, school’s budget, and possible new laboratories. The Joint Institutional Board Committee gave consent to the school’s development, and recognized the achievement of the school on international communications, teaching management, and school-industry collaboration. With the increasing influence of the school, and the mutual support between both Chinese and French collaborating schools, the Joint Institutional Board had confidence in the future development of the school.