The Successful Completion of the Second International Academic Development Workshop of SJTU-ParisTech

The Second International Academic Development Workshop of SJTU-ParisTech was held from June 1st - 3rd, 2017, on the SJTU Minhang Campus and the Caohejing Economic-Technological Development Area (ETDA). Over 130 people participated in the workshop, including professors from four cooperating schools of SJTU from France, mentors of undergraduate final-year project, mentors of graduate students of SJTU, representatives from Caohejing ETDA, supporters such as Peugeot - Citroen, school management, deans of each department, as well as some students. The workshop was based on undergraduate student final-year projects and graduate student research theses. The purpose of the workshop was to build a cooperation platform, boost student education and technological research cooperation, and to utilize the school-industry and Sino-French cooperation to cause the overflow effect at SJTU.



There was a dialogue of experts on scientific research and cooperation.


According to SJTU-ParisTech educational tradition, mentors from China, French and industry will work together on course building and student mentoring. During the workshop, there were over ten French professors from École Polytechnique, ENSTA ParisTech, MINES ParisTech, and TELECOM ParisTech, and professors of the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Mechanics, and the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics from SJTU, as well as experts from Safran, Valeo, Peugeot - Citroen, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Virginia, Saifei, Dassault Group, Tencent, Panasonic, ENGIE, Enertime, and Radiall. They were divided into three groups - Mechanics Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, and Information Engineering. Each group introduced their research focus and put forward some proposals for cooperation. There were also lab tours for each group and mentoring of student research. This onsite communication helped build a good foundation for future joint development of students.


Group discussion of Mechanics Engineering Group



Group discussion of Energy and Power Engineering Group



Group discussion of Information Engineering Group


Lab tour


Final-Year project display. The number of topics increased.


A total of 60 undergraduate final-year projects were displayed during the workshop, six of which were from industry, five of them from French cooperating schools and then finished in French labs. SJTU-ParisTech put forward the initial research requirement based on student development goals. The actual topic was decided after combining actual industrial needs. Then mentors from both school and industry will be chosen to help students through the entire project. Take the cooperating project with Valeo of topic Simulation and Optimization of P40 Platform of Hybrid Power Car as an example. The goal is to gain economical and power data of P40 Hybrid Power Car through computer simulation. The whole project was done within the company, which also helped students learn more about the actual research and development process.


Some achievement of existing research topics also drew the attention of the industry. In the workshop, many companies brought out a lot of potential topics for future cooperation. Research topics of school-industry and Sino-French cooperation will increase in the future.



PSA Enterprise Expert presented V2X research


Visiting start-up company center. Inspiring awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship


To inspire students to be aware of innovation and entrepreneurship, and also to let participating guests know about the related “Shuang-Chuang” project at Shanghai, the school worked with Caohejing ETDA and Peugeot - Citroen to hold a workshop at Caohejing ETDA on the second day. The workshop was hosted by the Party Branch Secretary of SJTU ParisTech Liu Zenglu. Vice President of Start-up Company Center of Caohejing ETDA Xin Chao gave a warm introductory speech, welcoming all interested students to come and pave their own way through innovation. Arnaud Amil, Grand Director of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Innovation of Peugeot - Citroen China R&D Center made the opening speech, introducing current situations and existing projects in the research center and also showing their future expectations about school-industry cooperation. French Dean of SJTU-ParisTech Joaquin Nassar also introduced the school’s main goal of education, his own expectation about school-industry cooperation and the purpose of the workshop. All participants visited Peugeot - Citroen, Safran, Tencent and Caohejing ETDA and discussed possible future cooperation.


Liu Zenglu hosting the workshop



Xin Chao, Vice President of Start-up Company Center of Caohejing ETDA  gave a warm welcome speech



Arnaud Amil, Grand Director of Department of Electrical and Electronics Innovation of Peugeot - Citroen China R&D Center


Joaquin Nassar ,French Dean of SJTU-ParisTech gave a speech


Visiting Safran


Visiting Tencent



Visiting PSA



Visiting Caohejing ETDA Start-up Company Center


In the afternoon, a workshop called Design Sprint was held. The problems to be solved were provided directly from companies, relating to V2X, new-energy battery, 3D printing, and VR. Some of the problems were from start-up companies of the incubator. Students took a five step process of understanding, brain-storming, making decisions, prototyping and verification, to form their own proposed solutions. Students know more about product design flow through the workshop, and also get to discuss more with business owners of several start-up companies, giving them a sense of where future technology companies will go. Business owners of start-up companies, research experts, and Sino-French mentors were impressed by the innovativeness and abundance of knowledge of the participating students.


Design Sprint Workshop



Mentors discussing with students



Student team presenting their proposal



Judges commenting


Focusing on student development. Fully utilizing school’s Academic Committee.


On June 3rd, as an important part of the workshop, the school held the Academic Committee’s Meeting. School authorities, Sino-French coordinators, and professors of related majors joined the meeting. Discussions were held on topics of student development planning, student exchange programs, school-industry cooperation and CTI Certification, and an agreement was reached. A series of constructive suggestions were also brought about during the meeting. The meeting confirmed what had been achieved by both parties. There was also a wish to increase the quality of education by both Chinese and French parties working together, merging and innovating, further completing the development plan, show-casing the feature of SJTU-ParisTech, and achieving a healthy development of the school.