A Successful Opening Ceremony for 2017 Freshmen of SPEIT

The opening ceremony for the 2017 freshmen of SPEIT was held on September 20. In addition to all 2017 freshmen, 2016 sophomores, and some faculty members, attendants also included Chinese Dean Yu Jin, French Dean Joaquim NASSAR, Vice Dean Liu Zenglu and Ma Yixin. Mr. Edouard DE PIREY, the CEO of Valeo (China), Mr. Wang Ge, the Cooperation Manager of ENGIE China Smart City and Energy Services, also attended the ceremony as business representatives. Xavier LUCE and Yvonne Tran attended the ceremony representing the French Consulate General in Shanghai. Dean Yu Jin chaired the ceremony.




In his speech, Dean NASSAR said the training model of the French engineers is unique in the world, featuring a solid mathematical basis, industrial-development orientation, and close cooperation with enterprises. Our college is grounded on the experience of the French engineer training and serves as a model to provide practical experience for the reform of Chinese higher engineering education. He stressed that students in the SPEIT receive similar training as their French peers. Now, some students have already completed a diploma exchange program or a short-term exchange in France. He encouraged new students to strengthen exchanges with these students in order to gain some information about studying and living in France, and to get a more concrete understanding of the French engineering educational system. Finally, he hoped that the students could master various skills with a solid foundation through unremitting effort.



Arnaud MARTIN, Head of the Physics and Chemistry Teaching Group, spoke as a teacher representative. He encouraged students to work harder. He said the French approach taken to deliver mathematics, physics, and chemistry was different from what Chinese students are familiar with. The French approach puts more emphasis on processes than on results, and values critical thinking. Teachers are all very happy to help students.



Mo Yelan, as a student representative of the 2015 class, spoke in fluent French. She is a member of the first “Talent Pool Program” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She believes that SJTU is such a first-class university and students should try their best to seize this exceptional opportunity, be sincere, focused, self-disciplined, persistent, and diligent. Studying at the SPEIT Institute requires students to have a strong tolerance and endurance, and scientific thinking and analytical ability. At the same time, it will enable us to experience French culture and assist us to solve problems from multiple perspectives. This is our "international vision" and requires a quality of “Excellent Engineering".



Zhang Leying, representing the new students, spoke in English and said that the development of China today has an increasingly pressing need for the capacity of international and intercultural communications. This is also the rationale for her choice of SPEIT. She hoped that our students would not fear the pressure or possible difficulties, and will have a wonderful university life.



In the end, Edouard DE PIREY, President of Valeo (China) and a founding member of our College Corporate Club, spoke in Chinese as a business representative. He first praised the students for their fluent English and French, which was an important manifestation of the college's international education. He stressed that China is now more than just "the world factory," it is the world's research and development center, and many companies attach great importance to the Chinese market. Hence, engineers with innovative abilities are limited talent resources in the future, and this is also why we support SPEIT. In his view, excellent engineers must have a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics. He wished the students could spend more effort to become excellent resources which are needed by the society.



This opening ceremony enabled new students to better understand the training system, business support, and cultural atmosphere in our college, and encouraged students to forge ahead, set new goals, and strive to become outstanding engineering talent and business leaders.