Safran Expert Mr. Manuel Rodriguez-Arenas Gave a Lecture at a SPEIT Engineers Academic Course

On the afternoon of November 1st, 2017 SPEIT invited Mr. Manuel Rodriguez-Arenas,the C919 Program Manager and Safran Engine Nacelle Shanghai Representative to give a lecture entitled, THE NACELLE, A HIGH-TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT, to the sophomores and juniors as part of their academic course.

Mr. Rodriguez first introduced the wide business of Safran and its Nacelle plants around the world. Safran is a hi-tech transnational company and one of the Fortune 500 Companies. It has four majors; Aerospace Propulsion Systems, Aerospace Equipment, Defense, and Security and Communications.

Next, Mr. Rodriguez introduced the structure and function of Nacelle; the function and design principles of each component. He also used video to display what extreme situations Nacelle can meet during space flight. Finally, he talked about the progress Nacelle made in fuel consumption, performance, and reducing noise.

After the excellent speech, students asked questions during a Q & A session. Rodriguez patiently answered them all.  Mr. Rodriguez told how he graduated with a machinery major in Spain, and worked enthusiastically in Safran for 15 years in the aerospace field. During these 15 years, he acquired abundant knowledge and became an expert in the Nacelle field. He also encouraged students to join in the aircraft manufacturing industry, which is full of innovation, opportunities, and challenges.