SJTU-ParisTech Students Received the Innovative Concept Award of the 2017 Chinese Congress on Innovative Design

The obstacle-crossing robot with three-mode morphable wheels designed by Xu Qiwei, a second-year graduate student of SJTU-ParisTech School of Elite Engineer, was awarded the Innovative Concept Award and ranked first among all recipients of that award. This design was implemented by Xu Qiwei with the guidance of Professor Guo Weizhong and his team - which belongs to National Lab of Mechanical Systems and Vibrations. The Chinese Congress on Innovative Design, a.k.a. China Good Design, is co-hosted by four organizations including Innovation Design Alliance of China, and China Knowledge Centre for Engineering Science and Technology - under the guidance of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The awards ceremony was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong on Nov. 24, 2017.

The obstacle-crossing robot with three-mode morphable wheels utilizes a globally cutting-edge architecture design. It provides an effective solution for wheel-typed robots to deal with complex terrain when doing field exploration and searches.

The robot has three gestures of movement; the “round-wheel gesture” does exactly what it says, and is used for moving on smooth surfaces. The “forward-paw gesture” is used when the robot encounters obstacles when moving forward, where its wheels will morph into forward-mode paws and allows itself to climb over obstacles of certain heights. The “backward-paw gesture” is similar to the forward one, except it is used when moving backwards. The innovation here includes the design and optimization of the three-mode morphable wheels, the strategy analysis of how to cross over different types of obstacles on different surfaces, and the system design and verification of the whole robot project.

Xu Qiwei is the first president of the SJTU-ParisTech Student Technology Innovation Center. He participated in many kinds of technological innovation activities as well as actively exploring areas of his own major. Qiwei started working on robot design during his undergraduate years. He has won the first prize in the Shanghai College Student Mechanical Engineering Design Competition. This award-receiving robot project is the accumulation of his efforts over many years.

PS: About China Good Design

The China Good Design Congress originated from the major consulting project entitled, Innovative Design Development Strategy Research,  and was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Engineering in June 2013. Team members of this project include Academician Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chairman of the 11th National People's Congress, as team leader, and Academician Pan Yunhe, 12th CPPCC Standing Committee, Director of Foreign Affairs Committee, as sub-leader. Based on the in-depth research of 15 academicians and more than 100 experts, China Good Design is cited as an innovative design in the current knowledge networking era. It encompasses science & technology, culture and art, service mode innovation, and covers engineering design, industrial design, service design, and serves as the key chain in production technological achievement. This has been emphasized in the report named Advices about Fully Developing Innovative Design and presented to the State Council by Chinese Academy of Engineering this Feburary. It finally received approved and included into the State Strategy of China Make 2025. After the preparation and review of nearly one year, ten projects received Gold Awards, including Fuxing Standard China Railway High-speed(CRH), Sunway TaihuLight Super Computer, ARJ21 New Branch Airplane, Kirin 970, etc; twenty projects received Silver Awards including Minimum Diameter Tunnel Boring Machine, Undersea Earchquake Detector, etc; thirty projects received Innovative Concept Awards including the obstacle-crossing robot with three-mode morphable wheels.