12th Joint Board Meeting of SJTU-ParisTech Held in Paris

The 12th Joint Board Meeting of SJTU-ParisTech was held in Paris on December 11th, 2017. Attendants included President of SJTU Lin Zhongqin, Vice-President Huang Zhen, Vice-President Xi Lifeng, President of ENSTA ParisTech Elisabeth Crepon, President of Mines ParisTech Vincent Lafleche, President of Ecole Polytechnique Frank Pacard, and President of Telecom ParisTech Yves Poilane. Attending delegations included Edouard De Pirey and Francois Marion from Valeo (China) and Olivier Dubroeucq from Safran.


Chinese Dean of SJTU-ParisTech Yu Jin, French Dean Joaquim Nassar, Secretary of Party General Branch, Associate Dean Liu Zenglu and Associate Dean Ma Yixin reported to the Joint Board Committee separately. SJTU-ParisTech achieved great progress in school-industry cooperation, student education, and international communication. Exploration on school-industry co-education had been made via the second Sino-French Student Education Conference. Outgoing exchange students to France achieved excellent academic performance. Several students received awards on innovation competitions, both domestic and international. On international cooperation, the number of partner schools increased by two; the number of incoming foreign students increased significantly; the French Finance Minister was invited to make a speech at SJTU. Agreements were reached after discussions on topics of future development plans, ways to merge French and Chinese education methodologies and goals, CTI certification, student recruitment, teacher recruitment, budgets, building new labs, etc. The committee was pleased about the school's development, both on school management and international cooperation. It also earned higher expectations on school's management and student education. With the support on both the Chinese and French sides, the committee was confident about the school's development.

Other attendants of the meeting included Executive Vice-President of SJTU Graduate School Wang Yaguang, Director of International Cooperation Office Mo Liangjin, Deputy Director of Office of Research Management Sun Lizhen, Director of ParisTech Corporation in China Sylvain Ferrari, Director of International Cooperation Office of ENSTA ParisTech Nathalie Branger, Director of International Cooperation Office of Ecole Polytechnique Gaelle Le Goff, Consulate of Education of the French Embassy Fabien Chareix, and Consulate of Science Gaetan Messin.



After the meeting, President Lin met several exchange students at ParisTech and listened to them sharing their experiences and feelings about studying in France. President Lin encouraged the students to continue studying hard on their way to becoming excellent engineers and managers.