SPEIT Accepts the Certification Review of CTI Expert Group

  In the second half of 2017, SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (“SPEIT”) applied for certification renewal to Commission des Titres d‘Ingénieur (“CTI”). In accordance with the procedure and requirements of CTI, four CIT experts came to SPEIT to have a field review for a period from March 6 to March 9. Jiang Sixian, Chairman and Xu Xuemin, Vice President of SJTU met with the CTI expert group at the Minhang campus.
  Mr. Jiang Sixian stressed that China had been committed to building an innovative country in recent years and constantly exploring the reform of higher education to adapt to the rapid development of China. SPEIT is a key step of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to implement the “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan” of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and is also one of the major cooperation achievements in the field of education between China and France. With the mutual support of both sides, SPEIT has witnessed six years‘ development and the first enrolled students will graduate next year with a master degree in French engineer. In the three years since the first batch of certification in 2015, SPEIT has made great progress in personnel training and management. Mr. Jiang expressed his wishes on SPEIT’s successful passing of the renewal certification.
  The expert group listened to the overall work report of Joaquim Nassar, French Dean of SPEIT, had seminars respectively with the leader team,  coordinators, the administration team and some of the faculties and students of SPEIT, took on-the spot investigation into school laboratories and the neoBay-Global innovation community, joined the class and listened to the courses of the fundamental cycle and engineering cycle, and had a comprehensive evaluation on the development strategy, management structure, training target, training mode, curriculum program, faculty and equipment, student recruitment and student resources, cooperation with enterprises, and so on.
  CTI Expert Group Visits the Engineering Training Center
  CTI Expert Team Visits neoBay
  During the review, the CTI experts visited the School of Mechanical Engineering (“SME”) and the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (“SEIEE”). As the important cooperative schools of SPEIT, both schools provided SPEIT with great help in the faculty, science and research cooperation and others. The students of SPEIT also received high complimentary remarks from mentors of the relevant schools. Du Zhaohui, Dean of SME and Mao Junfa, Dean of SEIEE both said that they would continue to support the development of SPEIT and deepen cooperation with SPEIT.
  CIT Expert Team Visits School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering
  Professor Yang Ming Introduces the Smart Car Lab to the CTI Expert Group
  CTI Expert Team Visits School of Mechanical Engineering
  CTI Expert Team Visits the Lab of School of Mechanical Engineering
  Take the opportunity, SPEIT organized a “CTI Certification Enterprise Cooperation Seminar”, and representatives from more than 10 enterprises participated in the seminar. The representatives reported the content of cooperation and future cooperation plan with SPEIT, and showed to the CTI experts the depth and breadth of SPEIT‘s cooperation with enterprises.
  The CTI certification has received strong support from its partner schools in France. Elisabeth Crepon, President of ENSTA ParisTech and three French subject coordinators made a special trip to Shanghai Jiao Tong University to participate in the relevant certification work.
  The expert group members said the certification review was fruitful, and believed that SPEIT would be an education model of the cooperation between China and France, believed that the SPEIT’s outstanding achievements in the six years would have great promotion effect and demonstration meaning. They were fully confident with the cooperation between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the France schools and sincerely hoped that SPEIT make more achievements in the future.
  As the official French engineer education certification body, CTI accredits the engineer schools regularly, and the accredited schools will be awarded the qualification of conferring the engineer degree recognized by the French government. Each CTI certification is an opportunity for self-examination and improvement of SPEIT, and the review and recommendation of the CTI expert group can further promote the improvement and development of SPEIT. SPEIT will take this opportunity to further explore and innovate, to enhance the brand value, and to cultivate outstanding and internationalized engineering elites.