Sylvain Ferrari, Director of ParisTech in China, Invited to Speak on the ParisTech –CSC Doctoral Program

        On the evening of April 10, SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (“SPEIT”) invited Sylvain Ferrari, Director of ParisTech in China, to speak on the ParisTech - CSC Doctorial Program. He also had a discussion on further study of Doctor Degree with the first- and second-year postgraduates of SPEIT. According to Sylvain Ferrari, SPEIT is the only partner school of ParisTech in China; multiple doctoral supervisors already expressed their welcome of students from SPEIT to make their application; and students from SPEIT will have a great application advantage. In the seminar, Sylvain Ferrari also explained matters needing attention for doctor application in France and Europe and enrollment status of ParisTech-CSC doctoral program, and had a free exchange with the students on their own interested areas.