Professor Youssef Mesri from Mines ParisTech Gave Lectures on CAE for the SPEIT

On March 28, 2018, in the Intercultural Module of this week, Professor Youssef Mesri from Mines ParisTech gave a lecture titled CAE: Recent Trends and Challenges. Professor Youssef Mesri joined CEMEF in 2015 as Director of the Master Program in High Performance Computing and Data Science and Deputy Director of the Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is also a commentator on several international journals, including computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering, computational physics journals, and computational fluid dynamics.

According to Professor Youssef Mesri, thanks to the great progress of artificial intelligence, high performance computing and Internet of things, CAE, the Computer Aided Engineering, is undergoing fundamental changes, and such changes also bring great challenges. The innovation requirement starts to transfer from product life cycle management to service performance, which leads to the transformation of the manufacturing industry to the comprehensive digital industry.

Professor Youssef Mesri also gave an overview of the research done by Mines ParisTech in the area and the response to the challenges, helping students to have a clearer understanding of the future development of CAE.