Dr. Gu Jianmin, CTO from Valeo Group, Gives an Academic Presentation to Students of SPEIT

On May 15, 2018, upon invitation of SPEIT, Dr. Gu Jianmin, CTO from Valeo China, gave a brilliant academic presentation to students of SPEIT titled “Valeo is Driving the 3 Automotive Revolutions”.

Dr. Gu Jianmin gave a brief introduction of Valeo. Then he introduced the increase in sales and orders in 2017 of Valeo which demonstrated the strength of Valeo. He also introduced the three aspects that are prompting the automobile market. He then went on to talk about three major automotive revolutions driven by Valeo: electrification, autonomous driving and interconnection and digital mobility. Valeo integrated 48v belt type power machine, which could work with electric superchargers to not only save the fuel and reduce emissions, but also to give drivers comfortable and pleasant driving experience, that is, while performance is guaranteed, high cost performance is also achieved. The multiple air filter solutions of Valeo highly protect drivers' health. With automated driving video records, Dr. Gu vividly explained in detail the Valeo SCALA laser scanner and the application and development of artificial intelligence, and introduced examples of cooperation with NAVYA, CISCO and others.

The presentation let students learn that the development of new energy vehicles should take into account environmental protection, cost and performance, and achieving a balance among these three aspects is the key to the success of the reform. Finally, Dr. Gu answered the students' questions about the new energy automobile market and the renewal and replacement of electric vehicles in a professional and detailed way.

Note: Dr Gu Jianmin once worked as the director of research and development in Volvo Asia Pacific. He has rich work experience in large car companies both at home and abroad, and is also a senior engineer of researcher level and a guest expert of the national “1000 Talents Program”. He published over 30 papers in international professional journals and conferences. Dr. Gu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (bachelor, master) and the University of Michigan (doctor, MBA).