Valeo, Here We Come I SPEIT Organizes Students to Attend the Interview of Valeo Operatoinal Practice Internship

On June 3, Valeo arranged an efficient and interesting interview on Sunday for junior students of Grade 2015 who intended to participate in the summer operational internship. 27 junior students took part in the interview and 21 of them eventually won the cognitive internship position of Valeo Shanghai headquarter, its Zhangjiang Plant and its Shenzhen Business Division.

First of all, Yang Qian, HR Manager of Valeo Shanghai Headquarter, made a general introduction of Valeo Group and Valeo China. After that, Su Hua, Siemens Technical Training Head of Valeo, introduced the latest technology and products of Valeo.

Valeo arranged Step By Step training, allowing students to learn the basic training and basic tools of 5 axis culture of Valeo mainly through simulation production. After that, 6 HR specialists of Valeo participated in the one on one interview process. The main purpose of these interview programs was to let students have an intuitive perception of the enterprise and fully perform in the interview process, and to guide students to have a deeper understanding of career choice.


SPEIT always believes that enterprise internship is an indispensable part in the training program of Outstanding Engineers. The purpose of operational internship is to let students learn the enterprise production, sales, logistics and other first-line departments’ work and the daily work state of the first-line workers through 4 to 8 weeks of internship. The summer operational internship will directly affect the engineer internship and the choice of students' career planning in the future. As one of the founding members of the enterprise club of SPEIT, Valeo has been providing assistance to the talent training of SPEIT and has worked together with SPEIT to train future outstanding engineers.