SPEIT Hosts the 13th Joint Board Meeting

On July 13, 2018, the 13th Joint Board Video Meeting of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (“SPEIT”) was held in Shanghai and Paris. Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (“SJTU”), Huang Zhen and Xu Xuemin, Vice President of SJTU, Elisabeth Crepon, President of ENSTA ParisTech, Frank Pacard, Vice President of École Polytechnique, Yves Poilane, President of Télécom ParisTech and Vincent Brenier, International Relations Director on behalf of Vincent Lafleche, President of Mines ParisTech attended the meeting. Olivier Dubroeucq, on behalf of Safran Group and François Marion, on behalf of Valeo (China) participated in the meeting.




At the meeting, Lin Zhongqin first introduced to the Joint Management Committee the new Chinese President of SPEIT, Li Shaoyuan, a former Vice Dean of the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of SJTU. He has rich teaching management experience and profound academic background, and will play an important role in the development of SPEIT. Later, Li Shaoyuan, Chinese Dean, Joaquim Nassar, French Dean, Liu Zenglu, Secretary of CPC General Branch and Vice Dean, and Ma Yixin, Vice Dean, reported major activities, teaching affairs, international exchanges, student internships and corporate cooperation in the first half of the year respectively. The meeting held that SPEIT achieved the following results in talent training:

1. SPEIT obtained the renewal CTI certification with the longest certification period, and the quality of talent training was highly praised. According to CTI, SPEIT represents the highest cooperation level of the most outstanding universities of China and France; supports from SJTU, four French schools and enterprises, effective teaching quality control system and high-caliber teaching staff and management team serve as guarantee of the quality of talent training, fully meet the requirements for 6-year-term, so CTI has full confidence with the future development of SPEIT.

2. The connotation of education has been deepened and students' engineering internship stage has been well received by enterprises. With the joint efforts of the partner enterprises, the senior class of students all have found enterprises for internship, and the enterprises cover leading enterprises in various industries such as Safran, Valeo and Huawei, from all over China, France, Denmark and other countries. The partner enterprises are very optimistic about SEPIT graduates and have offered four times of the posts to SPEIT students yet to graduate compared with the posts offered to the senior class of students. The students have been welcomed by the enterprises before graduation.

3. International exchanges and cooperation are deepening. In the second half of the year, 24 students will go to France for degree and 28 students will spend a semester there. Among them, 20 exchange students have won scholarships from China and France, and the overall proportion of award winning has reached 83%. In the first half of the year, SPEIT received 12 exchange students from the French cooperation schools for semester exchange and research internship. It was widely reported that the teaching quality of SPEIT was high, and participation of research project of SJTU was eye-opening and benefited students a lot.

SPEIT, with its focus on personnel training, has actively set up a communication platform, which has facilitated a number of cooperation between SJTU, the French partner schools and enterprises.

The meeting also discussed important issues such as enrollment, business cooperation and annual budget. According to the meeting, SPEIT focuses on cultivating talents through moral education and teaching, and an international elite engineering talent training model has been basically established. According to the requirements of the meeting, as the senior class of students will soon graduate, SPEIT shall focus on graduation related work, prepare for the graduation ceremony and invite important guests from China and France to attend the ceremony.

Elisabeth Crepon said that the senior class of students would graduate soon, and fruitful achievements of SPEIT would soon be demonstrated. She also said that the French side woud invite important guests to attend the graduation ceremony for the purpose of further enhancing the international influence of the SPEIT.

Lin zhongqin, President of SPEIT said that the achievements of SPEIT benefited from the hard work of the faculty and expressed his gratitude towards the French side for its strong support as always. He said that the meeting was a great success and it was crucial time for the senior class of students to graduate. He also said that SJTU should invite lots of senior people in the education field and people in higher education in China to witness the development of SPEIT and SJTU would give more support to SPEIT for its education and new buildings.

Wang Yaguang, Dean of the Graduate School of SJTU, Luo Peng, Director of the International Affairs Division, Sylvain Ferrari, Director of the China Office of ParisTech and Nathalie Branger, President of the International Exchange Division of ENSTA ParisTech) also attended the meeting.