2018 Freshman’s Opening Ceremony of SPEIT

On September 19th, the 2018 freshman’s opening ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (“SJTU”)-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (“SPEIT”) was held in the Multi-Function Hall of Guangbiao Building, Minhang Campus, SJTU. Xu Xuemin, Vice-President of SJTU, Li Shaoyuan, Chinese Dean of SPEIT, Joaquim NASSAR (Zhuo Erqing), French Dean of SPEIT, Liu Zenglu, Party Secretary and Vice Dean, and Li Ping, Vice-Director of Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, attended the ceremony. All Class of 2018 freshmen, Class of 2017 students and some professors participated in the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Li Shaoyuan.

Ms. Xu Xuemin, Vice-president of SJTU delivered an opening speech. On behalf of STJU, she expressed her welcome and congratulations to the freshmen. According to Ms. Xu, each party of SPEIT represented the highest level of education in China and France respectively and SPEIT serves as the model for the cooperation and exchange in high education between China and France; thereof, becoming a student of SPEIT deserved to be proud. She hoped that the students would cherish the learning opportunities in SJTU and SPEIT, follow the spirits of exploration and innovation, and develop the will to climb the scientific peak and perseverance, and eventually become the leaders of the future world and the practitioners of the Chinese dream.


The opening ceremony received strong supports from the partner companies of SPEIT. The following companies sent representatives to attend the opening ceremony: Safran Group, Valeo Group, PSA, ARDIAN, Alibaba Cloud, Rockwell Automation, Ubisoft, CAST and FAURECIA, among others.

Mr. Joaquim NASSAR, French Dean of SPEIT, pointed out that the training model for engineers in France was unique in the world; students in SPEIT could receive the training system that was basically consistent with the system in France; in the past few years, SPEIT had achieved good training results and obtained high evaluation of partner schools, visiting professors and companies; the faculty members were confident that SPEIT would cultivate the best elites.

Ms. Zhong Shengyi, Associate Professor, delivered a speech in Chinese and French as a representative of SPEIT professors. As the person who received education from both SJTU and SPEIT, she believed that the learning experiences in both China and France were very worthwhile. She hoped that students would not waste their time at college and would persist in achieving their goals.

Zhu Huidi, a SPEIT junior student, spoke in French as a representative of upper-grade students. She used the Incantation of the Golden Hoop of Monkey King as a metaphor to explain that although the study in SPEIT was heavy, it could cultivate good habits for continuous learning. She also encouraged freshmen to try their best to live a wonderful and rich life in SPEIT beyond study time, to cherish the coming six and a half years that they would share with classmates and to become comrades facing challenges together.


Zou Anni and Huang Suizhi, as representatives of the freshmen, said that they felt honored to be members of SPEIT, they would not confine their ideas to the present and should contribute to China's prosperity, and they were ready for the coming college life.


At the opening ceremony, SPEIT and Valeo Group held a contract renewal ceremony. Valeo Group is a founding member of the Business Club and has supported SPEIT in diversified manners such as donations, courses, research projects and internships. Mr. Francois MARION (Ma Falong), CEO of Valeo China, stated in his speech that Valeo thought highly of students from SPEIT and would continue to support the development of SPEIT in the future.

Mr. Florian FECHE, HR Director of SAFRAN, delivered a speech as a representative of the Business Club. He pointed out that China was the development focus of SAFRAN Group, and engineering and management talents with innovative capabilities would be rare in the future, so Safran would continue to support SPEIT. He hoped that SPEIT-business cooperation would make development to deeper extent.

ARDIAN Scholarship Ceremony

ARDIAN joined the Business Club in 2013. It has provided scholarships and bursaries support every year. Ada Wen, as a representative of ARDIAN, highly praised the fluency of French and English of the students of SPEIT. In particular, she considered that the achievements of those students who started from scratch and only studied in SPEIT for two years demonstrated the effectiveness of the talent cultivation of SPEIT.

After that, the business representatives awarded the Excellent Honors of 2018 Operational Internship to students. For the summer vacation of this year, a total of 56 students went to more than 20 Chinese and foreign companies for a one- or two-month internship. The internship performance of the students of SPEIT was well received by the companies.

SPEIT leaders and business representatives award Freshman’s Scholarship to students 

Li Ping, Vice-Director of Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, awards Freshman’s Scholarship to international students


Through the opening ceremony, the freshmen learned more about the training system, business support and cultural atmosphere of SPEIT. In particular, the students’ manner of SPEIT deeply impressed the corporate guests. More and more companies expressed their wishes to deepen the partnership with SPEIT and to witness the set-sail of China's excellent engineers.