SPEIT held 2019 Graduate Ceremony

With the joint support of China and France, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as the SJTU) and four French engineer schools cooperated to found the SJTU-Paris Tech Elite Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the SPEIT) in 2012, with the aim of developing engineering elites. This year not only marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations, but is the time when the first class of SPEIT postgraduates graduate which is of greater importance to the higher education community in China and France. The commencement was held at SJTU Minhang Campus on March 30th 2019. President and Vice Chairman of SJTU Mr. LIN Zhongqin, Vice President of SJTU Mr. HUANG Zhen, Standing Committee Member of the CPC SJTU Committee and Vice President of SJTU Ms. XU Xuemin, attended the ceremony, together with President of ENSTA ParisTech Ms. Elisabeth CREPON, President of École Polytechnique Mr. Eric LABAYE, President of Mines ParisTech Mr. Vincent LAFLÈCH, President of Telecom ParisTech Mr. Yves POILANE, and Director of ParisTech and President of Chimie ParisTech Mr. Christian LERMINIAUX. Former Chairman of SJTU Mr. MA Dexiu, former President of SJTU Mr. ZHANG Jie, former President of École Polytechnique Mr. Yves DEMAY and other special guests were invited. Also, representatives from SJTU departments and faculties, French partner schools, French Embassy in China, China’s Sino-French schools, and over 30 domestic and international companies, joined the graduates and their families of more than 200 in the ceremony.

Mr. LIN Zhongqin extended his gratitude in his remarks to schools and companies of Sino-French cooperation and the Chinese and French faculty members for their devotion in the past 6 years, and to the graduates for their bold choices of this young institute. Over the past 6.5 years, each student finished basic mathematical courses with over 120 academic credits, more than 80 French oral tests, an international exchange programme that lasted at least 6 months, 8-month business internship, and a master’s thesis with the same requirement as that of SJTU. They all have renewed themselves with hard work, as he put it, to become specialists in international engineering and management with cross-cultural capabilities, who have demonstrated strong competitiveness either in the job market or in further studies. It is the concerted efforts of all the people, he said, that SPEIT was able to present its first shining cards to the world - the 2019 graduates. He expressed his wish that the graduates could maintain the hardworking spirit that they developed in SPEIT with their alma mater always in their minds no matter where they are. 

Ms. Elisabeth CREPON expressed her mixed feelings as one of the founders of SPEIT in her remarks about its development and the achievements its students have made and thanked all the partners for their support. As she highlighted, SPEIT, as an example of high-level engineering education cooperation between China and France, has successfully integrated the Chinese and French development models in an innovative way, applying brand new methods to development of the students as history makers. She hoped to see the graduates contribute their share to founding the SPEIT alumni association, as she believed SPEIT needs their participation and support.

Secretary of Party General Branch and Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu is presiding over the commencement.

The Chinese coordinator for the mechanical major Ms. ZHONG Shengyi made a speech as a teacher, recalling the years since her students were enrolled to SPEIT and how hard it was for them to learn science & engineering courses with French. She also encouraged as the alumna of both SJTU and SPEIT the graduates to make full use of their own advantages in their work going forward and contribute to the country so that they can live up to the expectations of SJTU and SPEIT.

Shanghai Honoured Graduate Mr. ZHENG Huangjie delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates. “We experienced more diverse and busier courses and more frequent exams than SJTU students did, as well as different interactions with teachers from them. All of these did put pressure on us, but they’ve become our precious treasures,” he said, “and we didn’t waste the 6 years we spent in SPEIT where we finished studies, forged friendship, and created the history as the first class of SPEIT graduates. I hope we can continue to write our own chapters and get together in the future.”

Leaders of SJTU and French engineer schools awarded the graduates SJTU diplomas and certificates of French engineer titles. The students who had joined diploma exchange programmes also received diplomas of French engineer schools.

School leaders are awarding honoured graduates.

The Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan and his French counterpart Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET are holding the souvenir exchange ceremony on behalf of SPEIT with the graduates.

Chairwoman of SPEIT Family Union is awarding the graduates souvenirs.

The Science & Technology Counselor of French Embassy in China Mr. Pierre LEMONDE said in his remarks that he’s delighted to see the outcomes in Sino-French higher education cooperation and the Embassy would support SPEIT as always.

The achievements couldn’t be made without the dedication of all the past and current leaders and teachers of SPEIT. Hence, special thanks were extended at the ceremony to former Chairman of SJTU Mr. MA Dexiu, former President of SJTU Mr. ZHANG Jie, former President of École Polytechnique Mr. Yves DEMAY, the first Dean of SPEIT Mr. HUANG Zhen, former Deans of SPEIT Mr. Cédric DENIS-REMIS and Mr. Joaquim NASSAR, former Vice Dean of SPEIT Ms. LI Ping, and the first Subject Coordinators Mr. Aristide CAVAILES, Mr. Alain CHILES and Mr. Alexandra LAURENT for their contributions. The SPEIT founders looked back on the hardship they had had to overcome in the early years since its founding, expressed their delight to see the outstanding graduates accomplished the goal that they had founded SPEIT for, and hoped SPEIT could embrace an even brighter future.

The commencement was concluded with the stage performance - Never Say Goodbye, by SPEIT Chorus.

This year, 35 students graduated from SPEIT. 25 of them chose to enter the job market, many of whom opted to work for companies and start-ups of domestic and international renown that include Norinco, Huawei, Tencent, NIO, Microsoft, and Intel by diving into some of China’s key industries, and 1 of whom participated in the programme of the Chinese central government that selects graduates for government jobs. The rest 10 will pursue further studies in École Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, and University of Utah, etc.