Shanghai Jiao Tong University Engineering Education Forum and the 4th International Academic Development Workshop of SJTU-ParisTech Successfully Held

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Engineering Education Forum and the 4th International Academic Development Workshop of SJTU-ParisTech were jointly held by the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter abbreviated as the SJTU) and SPEIT on May 30th to 31st. Vice President of SJTU Ms. XU Xuemin, Director of the Academic Degree Office of the Shanghai Education Committee Mr. SHU Jinlong, and Officer of the International Communication Department of the Ministry of Higher Education of France Mr. Joaquim NASSAR were present to deliver speeches. Hosted by the Dean of SJTU Graduate School Mr. WANG Yaguang, the event was attended by over 200 people, including school representatives from France and Switzerland, over 30 business guests, and teachers and students from SJTU and SPEIT.

Ms. XU Xuemin said in her speech that SJTU’s traditional advantages in engineering education should continue to be given into play in the context of comprehensive reforms undergoing in China’s higher education, that cooperation with the world’s top colleges can be one of the important ways, and that the SPEIT cooperation provided a case in point. The event was a platform built by SJTU for school-business cooperation, said Ms. Xu, where Chinese and international colleges and businesses could have the opportunity to deepen their cooperation in joint development of students that could be turned into excellent engineering specialists. 

Mr. Joaquim NASSAR said that he was very delighted to witness SPEIT’s school-business joint development model had made such huge achievements and such extensive impact in SJTU. School-business joint development was not only the essence of French engineer education, said Mr. NASSAR, but a unique academic development model that had come out of SPEIT’s integrated innovations.

In the remarks, Mr. SHU Jinlong said that he was pleased to see so many Chinese and foreign businesses coming to the Forum organized by SJTU, and that greater business involvement in higher education for joint development would be the trend in China’s higher education development going forward. He believed that SJTU could take the lead in this regard and innovate to contribute talents to China’s economic development and international development strategies.

Dean of SJTU Graduate School Mr. WANG Yaguang is hosting the event.

Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan is delivering a keynote speech titled The Innovation and Future Engineering Talent Cultivation.

Professor of ENSTA ParisTech and foreign expert with Northwestern Polytechnical University Mr. Ziad MOUMNI is delivering a keynote speech titled Research-Driven Applications in Solid Mechanics.


Professor of SJTU School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering Mr. WANG Guoxing is delivering a keynote speech titled Practical Education in Microelectronics: Status and Practice

System Engineering Director of Powertrain Business Group Asia Mr. Julien SABRIE is delivering a keynote speech titled Valeo New Technologies and Three Automotive Revolutions.

Vice Dean of SPEIT and Information Engineering Coordinator associate professor Mr. LU Jialiang and Alibaba cloud computing expert Mr. MENG Shuo are giving a lecture titled Latest ICT Projects: Cloud-Based Big Data and AI.

Professor of MINES-ParisTech and French Coordinator of Energy and Power Engineering Mr. Arnaud DELEBARRE and his Chinese counterpart Mr. WEI Guanghua are introducing a course titled Practical Projects.

French Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Mr. Ziad Moumni and Groupe PSA technical expert Mr. YANG Shouping are jointly releasing a course titled Practical Mechanical Projects: Solid Mechanics.

17 Chinese and foreign businesses are demonstrating their school-business cooperation projects that amount to over 50 in total.

50 internship projects (for graduation) were demonstrated at the event, of which 4 were conducted out of school-business cooperation and 3 were from French cooperation. The first prize went to a paper written by LI Xinwei who had received guidance from Mr. WEI Guanghua titled Dynamics Research on Oxygen Transfer at Negative Poles of Fuel Cells, following a review by Chinese and French professors and business experts.


Professor of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Mr. Roland Logé is delivering a speech.

Executive Vice-President of Engine China Mr. Jingbai ZHANG is delivering a speech.

Chief Scientist of Engine China Laboratory and Professor of Stanford University Mr. Ben SCHWEGLER is delivering a speech.

Several Chinese and foreign professors and business experts shared their professional studies, and a few intentions for cooperation were made in their exchanges, highlighting the role of the event in really bringing schools and the business community together for scientific research, which produced great spillover effect across SJTU.

An Academic Committee meeting and a Scientific Committee meeting of SPEIT were also held during the event.