Class of 2019 Orientation Ceremony Held in SPEIT

SPEIT Class of 2019 Orientation Ceremony was held at the conference hall of the Tsung-Dao Lee Library in SPEIT’s Minhang Campus at 09:00 on 10th of September. The event was attended by the French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET, Secretary of Party General Branch Mr. LIU Zenglu, Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang, Assistant to the Dean Ms. ZHANG Lihui, Discipline Coordinators Mr. Arnaud MARTIN, Mr. Fredy TABOURIN, and Mr. WEI Guanghua, Director of Teaching Affairs Office Ms. LI Junyan, Director of Student Affairs Office Ms. LV Jiangying, teachers from some schools of SPEIT, the Class of 2019 and their parents.

Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch Mr. LI Yi is hosting the Orientation Ceremony.

As the Chinese Dean of SPEIT Prof. LI Shaoyuan was receiving the first prize of the National Teaching Achievements and the honour of representative institution in China’s education system at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, he delivered a welcome address in a video. He extended his warm welcome to the Class of 2019 on behalf of SPEIT, encouraged them to study hard and participate in various activities to obtain multiple skills from the perspective of the Chinese-French teaching model, and expressed his hope that they could cherish their time in SPEIT and make contributions to social development in the future.

As Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET delivered his speech, SUN Te stood beside him as his interpreter, a student who had just come from Ecole Polytechnique on an exchange programme. Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET said that the French model of engineer development combined with the traditional one of SJTU was set to offer the students abundant engineer-related knowledge, an insight into the French culture, and the experience of overseas exchanges. The SPEIT students would be the ambassadors of Chinese and French cultures. And the Chinese and French teachers of SPEIT, he said, would continue to accompany and support the students.

Mr. Frédéric was followed by Mr. LU Jialiang who also delivered a speech. By elaborating on the SPEIT development programme that SPEIT spent 6.5 years working on with integration and innovation, he shared the methods and experience in regards to the basic course and three-stage internship of SPEIT.

Mr. Fredy TABOURIN made his remarks on behalf of SPEIT teachers. With the melodious music “You are not alone” played, he extended his warm and sincere encouragement to the students who gave him a big round of applause.

ZHANG Leying, a student from the Class of 2017, also made a speech on behalf of students. By referring to her own experience, she talked about the heavy academic load and numerous tests that would make students more resilient and more capable of learning. She also encouraged the Class of 2019 to take an active part in social activities to make their campus life more interesting.

An upbeat music rang as soon as ZHANG finished her remarks. Some students were handing little bouquets to the teachers at the front row as a token of gratitude on the Teachers’ Day, who were really surprised by such unexpected greetings.

The Orientation Ceremony was concluded with YU Zhenjun’s speech as a student representative, where he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the teachers, parents and students present there. The Class of 2019, he said, would have interesting learning experiences, creative thinking, leadership training, and precious friendship between teacher and students at SPEIT. And he encouraged them to work hard to implement the motto of SJTU - Gratitude and Responsibility.

Following the convocation, Mr. LIU Zenglu gave his first lesson to the Class of 2019 with the topic of “Dream Bigger - Achieve Better”. He talked about the context in which SPEIT had been created and its positioning, the academic development model and system of SPEIT, the challenges confronting SPEIT students and possible solutions, as well as the expectations of SPEIT. In addition to working hard on academic performance, he hoped, the students could have more political studies, foster an elite consciousness, increase the awareness of social responsibility, and strive to become inter-disciplinary elites with international vision.

As the welcome session concluded for the Class of 2019 on the Teachers’ Day, all SPEIT teachers and students would continue to make concerted efforts to create excellent engineers with a solid scientific foundation, superb engineering capabilities, profound cultural background, and good cross-cultural communication and management.