French-Style Engineering Education in China! SPEIT Publishes the First Batch of French Mathematics and Physics Textbooks

  Recently, the French textbooks “Electromagnetic Foundation” and “Advanced Mathematics I - Real Variable Function and Space Geometry” jointly devised by SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (“SPEIT”) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press were officially published. Those are the first batch of books in the series of the “Sino-French Excellence Engineer Training Project”. With joint efforts of the Chinese and French teaching faculty members of SPEIT, years of teaching experience has been summarized and written into the books, and the books represent important teaching achievements in the basic stage. The plan for the first phase is to publish six books.
  Books in the series of the “Sino-French Excellence Engineer Training Project” are in the framework of Sino-French engineer training textbooks established by SPEIT. Later on, professional textbooks on mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering and information engineering of the engineering phase will also be published one by one.
  The six French textbooks published in the first batch are mainly mathematics and physics textbooks at the basic stage of SPEIT. The training system of SPEIT, with the first three years being the basic education stage, is mainly focused on the big platform teaching of the French engineer preparatory education stage. Compared with the domestic engineering basic courses, it has deeper and broader knowledge coverage; attaches more attention to systematic learning, has exercises and experimental courses that match theoretical courses for knowledge consolidation and practice; pay more attention to interdisciplinary and theoretical applications in real life. Some important mathematics and science courses appear cyclically and gradually with increased difficulty. At the same time, more emphasis is placed on systematic assessment methods, and the regular assessment methods include oral examinations, homework assignments and stage examinations for the purpose of getting to know the students‘ learning status. After continuous receiving and listening to the actual needs and feedback of the students of different years of SPEIT, it is proved that such teaching methods could enable students to have a solid mathematical foundation and rapid learning ability. Therefore, the publication of the textbooks is also of great significance for promoting the school experience of SPEIT.
  At present, the French textbooks in the field of engineering education are still very rare. SPEIT and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press have kept exploring, overcome various difficulties and successfully published the first batch of textbooks, laying a good foundation for the subsequent publications.