Greetings from Home︱Shanghai Municipal Government Sends New Year Best Wishes to SPEIT Overseas Students via Video Link

As the Chinese Lunar New Year was approaching, the Shanghai Municipal Government held an event on February 8th: Greetings from Home - An Online Party for Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year 2021. Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Mayor of Shanghai Mr. GONG Zheng delivered a video speech on behalf of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Government of Shanghai, extending his sincere greetings and best wishes to the representatives of overseas Chinese companies and overseas compatriots. Vice Mayor Mr. ZONG Ming attended the event.
As the representatives of overseas students, WANG Pengyu and his fellow classmates from SPEIT who were studying in France received the greetings and best wishes from the leaders of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Government of Shanghai as well as other participants of the event including Professor ZHANG Wenhong via a video link. It was the noon on Monday Paris time, when the students decorated their apartments with refreshing and festive red lanterns, “fu” characters (blessings) and calendars after classes were over. They briefed the audience the COVID-19 situation in France and what they had done for their self-protection and presented their studies and life in France with short-form videos. Their teamwork in cooking for the dinner of the New Year Eve and their lovely laughter and optimism were met with the praise of all present at the event. They were touched by the greetings of the municipal leader and Professor ZHANG‘s kind reminders, and said that they would stay strong, protect themselves and work hard in spite of the freezing cold winter in France just as what the leaders and teachers said and that they would expect the “spring” to come soon across the world!
The highlight of the event came at last when a chorus - A Family in Love - was sung by the overseas students and the participants present at the event, who were tens of thousands of kilometers apart and divided by a 24-hour time difference and a temperature difference of more than 50 degrees Celsius.
Leaders from the Foreign Affairs Office, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Education Commission, the Science and Technology Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, as well as business representatives and families of the workforce, interacted with the students online, who watched the Shanghai-style performances after the video communication.