Notice for application to SPEIT

Notice for application to SPEIT


Above the age of 18, healthy, non-Chinese citizen, foreign visa holders with senior high school diploma (or above); those underthe age of 18 should submit Guardian’s Guarantee Statement (available on our website); 1


Overseas applicants who were nationals of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan must have held a valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality for at least four years, and over two years of the actual abroad residence record within the  last four years (as of May 30, 2014). 2


Those who were originally Chinese citizens should submit naturalization certification and proofs of cancellation of original Chinese household registration.


Application Period and Written Exam Date


Application Period

Exam Date

Exam Location

December 1st, 2015——February 28th, 2016 

March 19th, 2016

(Written Test)

In China:

Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan


Please contact us for more details


Application Materials

1) Personal Information Form (fill out online)

2) Senior high school diploma; graduating students should provide an official proof of graduation. Once admitted, students must provide the original graduation certification and one copy when they enter the university.

3) Official transcripts of academic achievement during the senior high school study.

4) Supporting documents for foreign language level.

5) Personal statement (no longer than two pages with 1000 words maximum).

6) Contact information (email addresses) for two Professors who will be contacted for recommendation.

7) One copy of your passport.

8) Bank certificate of family income.


Written Exams

After approval, the applicants shall take the written exams organized by SPEIT on March 14th 2015.

The exams include two subjects: 1) Mathematics; 2) Physics and Chemistry.

In China, exams will be organized simultaneously in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan.

Candidates abroad, please contact us for more details.


Interview Time

Candidates, who succeed in the written exam, will have to take an oral examination, in mathematics and physics, as well as a motivation interview. These will be held in our school in Shanghai between April 8th and April 12th 2016.


Admission Result Notification

Admission results will be available on April 15th 2016.


Application fee

RMB 800


Application procedures

Applicants will apply online and upload the scanned copies of the materials listed above. Then required materials have to be sent by mail to the Academic Affairs Office of SPEIT before the exam date.

(Click how to apply to guide your application)


Contact:  Miss Qi


Tel:  +86-21-34202941

Address:  SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology,

800 Dongchuan Road, 200240, Shanghai



1.French students resident in France could apply only after preparatory class for the 3rd year of SPEIT

2.Nine-month actual residence in foreign countries within one year can be considered as one year, subject to the entry and exit date.

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