2020 Shanghai International Summer School of Engineering Postgraduates in Shanghai on Autonomous Intelligence beyond Data Science Kicks off

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As part of the efforts to encourage international interactions between outstanding scholars and students in autonomous intelligence systems and promote academic development and international teaching for excellent engineering specialists, the opening ceremony of the 2020 Shanghai International Summer School of Engineering Postgraduates in Shanghai kicked off at SPEIT on the afternoon of July 6th, under the theme: autonomous intelligence beyond data science. A range of lectures and interactions are expected to follow, focusing on some popular and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robots, and automation as well as their industrial development.

The summer school has invited scholars and teachers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Télécom ParisTech and R&D experts from business partners such as Artefact, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, Valeo, and Faurecia, to deliver lectures. Over 250 students from 15 universities in China, France, Morocco, and the US had registered, of whom 76 were admitted and 33 were from abroad.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dean of SJTU Graduate School Professor WANG Yaguang, Chinese Dean of SPEIT Professor LI Shaoyuan, French Dean of SPEIT Professor Frédéric TOUMAZET, Deputy Dean of SPEIT Professor LU Jialiang, Artefact experts Vitor Ducatte and ZHANG Pengfei as representatives of lecturers, Alibaba Cloud expert JIANG Qingsong, and all the students. The event was facilitated by Assistant to the Dean of SPEIT Ms. ZHANG Lihui, and held both online and offline.

In a welcome speech to the participants, Mr. WANG Yaguang briefly introduced SJTU and its numerous international projects and innovative model of academic development for excellent engineering specialists, and expressed his hope that the participants could enhance communication with one another as good friends and partners through the summer school and students from China and abroad could study in SJTU.

In his address, Mr. LI Shaoyuan extended his welcome to the students who he hoped could have an immersive experience of SJTU’s innovative model of school-business cooperation and industrial-academic integration for academic development of engineering specialists while studying at the summer school and learn something, while encouraging them to study at SPEIT.

Deputy Dean of SPEIT Professor LU Jialiang addresses the audience about the summer school.

Lead data scientists from Artefact Mr. Victor Ducatte and Mr. ZHANG Pengfei introduced the company, curriculum design and expectation, and lecturers. With a focus on strategic and practical application of big data and AI, the curriculum will use online practice and demonstration to allow students to catch a glimpse of how big data and AI systems influence and change commercial operations.

Chief Solution Director of Alibaba Cloud Mr. JIANG Qingsong talked about the commitment of the company to online public services, safe and reliable computing and data processing capabilities, and the Alibaba Cloud platform that would help deliver the curriculum for the summer school. He went on to extend his wish for the young students to audaciously explore and shape the future, and finished with an expectation to those wishing to join the company to contribute their expertise and fulfill their aspirations.

As the representative of the students for the summer school, Constant PRASSETTE from SPEIT also delivered a speech, saying he’s quite excited about such an opportunity and had set a high expectation to the curriculum.

The event concluded with the remarks by Professor Frédéric TOUMAZET who announced the opening of the summer school. In addition to a warm welcome extended to all the students, he also thanked the business partners that made it all possible, and said that data science and AI could be applied to not only science and technology but commercial services of all kinds. And he expressed his hope that the students could have some inspiration from the summer school and at the same time enjoy a meaningful and happy stay.

Overview of the summer school

With a duration of 12 days, the summer school is aimed at enhancing communication between domestic and international scholars and students and demonstrating the approach of SJTU to engineering education with an open mind. It will feature lecture-based curriculum and online practice, with a focus on the strategies of engineering application of AI and big data underpinning autonomous intelligence systems and particularly on these two technologies as solutions to commercial problems in real-life scenarios. And a diverse range of activities will be organized, such as online communication and business visits. Students who finish their studies and activities as required will be awarded a certificate of completion, and those that perform exceedingly well will be issued a certificate of honours in addition.