Academic Program

Our curriculum blends the characteristics and requirements of French engineering training with those of Chinese engineering education. Students are offered a 6.5-year curriculum that includes intensive French or Chinese language training.


Fundamental Cycle


The fundamental cycle is supervised by experienced French professors. It combines the scientific background of engineering schools with a multicultural approach.

Specifically, the courses in this cycle are composed of French language, French culture, fundamental scientific courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science, etc.), English, Humanities and intercultural conferences.

Unique features

    Classes of less than 20 students, allowing closer communication between teachers and students.

    Curriculum system established by experienced French teachers, from textbook-writing to course-setting, from teaching methods to after-class tutoring

    A variety of teaching approaches: lectures, tutorials, one-to-one oral examination training (known in French as “colles”),

    Experimental teaching sessions to improve students’ research and innovation ability


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Engineering cycle

The engineering cycle combines common core courses, elective scientific and technical courses in 3 different majors, as well as humanities, economics and management.

The teaching in this cycle is carried out in a close collaboration between visiting professors from the four French schools, permanent faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and experts from industry.


The three majors:

    Mechanical Engineering

Develop creative talents in mechanics, material science and control technology, as well as in leadership, finance and industrial management.

    Energy and Power Engineering

Cultivate composite, creative talents with thermal, mechanical, electrical, material integration theory and technology; in addition, train students’ ability in leadership, finance and industrial management.

    Information Engineering

Train students as a high level pioneer in information and communication technology and the applications. Leadership, finance and industrial management will also be an important part of this program.