French Consul-General in Shanghai Mr. Benoît GUIDEE‘s Entourage Visits Shanghai Jiao Tong University

On the afternoon of November 4th 2020, French Consul-General in Shanghai Mr. Benoît GUIDEE paid a visit to Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) with his entourage, who met with President of SJTU Mr. LIN Zhongqin and Vice President Ms. XU Xuemin on SJTU’s Minhang Campus.
Mr. LIN extended his warm welcome to the visit on behalf of SJTU, and particularly thanked the Consul-General for his concern about SPEIT, which, highly valued by its French academic partners, holds two joint institutional board meetings with SJTU every year to discuss its development and has received strong support from French businesses. In recent years, he said, SPEIT has seen better admissions and greater student development. He also shared his experience in France where he had communicated with the students of SPEIT‘s dual degree programmes who had expressed their passion and pride for engineering, and took the opportunity to thank the French side.
Mr. Benoît GUIDEE said in fluent Chinese that he felt honoured to finally pay a visit to SJTU which is one of the best universities in China, that SPEIT serves as an example of Chinese-French education cooperation that has led to over a dozen of Chinese-French colleges across the Yangtze River Delta, and that SPEIT represents the strong cooperation between China and France in engineering education, which is of great significance to both countries.
Ms. XU Xuemin said that SJTU has maintained a longstanding cooperation with France in multiple disciplines that include engineering, medicine, and natural science, that an international cultural centre at SJTU would soon open which the Consul-General would be welcome to visit, and that SJTU would have more communication with France in science and technology as well as culture.
The meeting was also attended by SPEIT leaders who expressed their special thanks to the French Consulate General in Shanghai for their guidance and support in visa affairs and cultural communication in recent years. The attendees from SPEIT said that French academic partners of SPEIT faced restructuring that has posed both opportunities and challenges to SPEIT which would require joint support of the Chinese and French sides, that SJTU provided huge support to SPEIT in space building, admissions, and student development, and that both sides would have a more solid partnership in a joint effort to develop excellent engineering specialists.  
Both sides exchanged their gifts.
After the meeting, Mr. Benoît GUIDEE and his entourage visited the event - China-France Environment Month: French Environment Protection Knowledge Contest - cohosted by SPEIT and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), which, as one of the highlights of the 7th China-France Environment Month that kicked off in October this year, enjoyed great support from the French Consulate General in Shanghai. The ADEME and SPEIT French teachers provided training to 11 SPEIT students as team leaders, and 100 students in their second and third year were divided into 10 teams, who came to realize through this event that human activities have had a huge impact on the environment and climate change and that they had to think hard about the human-nature relationship, develop an increased environmental awareness, and take joint action.
Mr. Benoît GUIDEE watched the event with great interest, especially the part of presentation in French by SPEIT students, which he praised. He said that the SPEIT students would be the engineers in the future and the witnesses to sustained China-France relations for the better, who might not travel between China and France as easily as before temporarily but would still be welcome to study in France as the country would patiently await them. Environmental protection has always been one of the important topics that concerns every one of us, as he put it, which would require every one of us to make a change. He said that he was glad to see some students taking action and looked forward to seeing environmental protection reflected in every part of their life as their contribution to environmental protection.
In Mr. Benoît GUIDEE’s entourage were Consul of the French Consulate General in Shanghai for Education Ms . Séverine BOUE and Consul for Science and Technology Mr. Xavier ASSFELD. His entourage was accompanied by Head of SPEIT Division of International Cooperation and Communication Mr. LUO Peng, Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan, French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET, and Secretary of Party General Branch and Deputy Dean of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu.