Intercultural Module|An Intercultural Course of SPEIT at Shanghai Intelligent and Connected Vehicle R&D Center Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of March 31st 2021, 90 something SPEIT faculty members and students paid a visit to Shanghai Intelligent and Connected Vehicle R&D Center Co., Ltd. (SICV) at the Lingang Nanqiao Sci-tech City in Fengxian District of Shanghai.
Founded in May 2019, SICV was jointly funded by the Lingang Group, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and its technical and management faculty team. As one of the platforms to promote major undertakings in Shanghai, SICV has been tasked with a whole mobility chain for intelligent and connected vehicles in Shanghai and the strategy for integrating the Yangtze River Delta. It is committed to intelligent vehicles, intelligent depots and intelligent transport through policies, industries, academia, research, application, coordination and innovation, to build an inter-industrial system for intelligent, connected and new energy vehicles.
President Assistant Mr. WANG Wei received the visiting students who were briefed by a few staff members of the company, including the head of its technology centre Mr. GAO Kaiqi who had been one of the first graduates of SPEIT. Deputy Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang extended his gratitude on behalf of SPEIT to the SICV for providing such a great opportunity. Ushered by a team from SICV, the teachers and students visited the ground and underground closed testing demonstration zone, the R&D centre and the data centre, where they obtained a conceptual understanding of the whole mobility chain for integrating people, vehicles, roads, networks, ends and clouds and saw for themselves the application of many SJTU-owned innovative products in specific industries.
They went on to visit a national engineering laboratory at the innovation park. A whole chain has been formed in the Yangtze River Delta new energy vehicle industry, covering intelligent transport, intelligent equipment, intelligent mobility, 5G-centric Internet of Vehicles, artificial intelligence, chips and software. The demonstration zone in Fengxian District where the company is situated is the only multi-scenario demonstration zone in China that has an all mobility chain, all risk categories and an all testing chain and opens to all types of vehicles. With collaborative awareness of vehicular access, high-precision positioning, open road sign test and a cloud-based platform, intelligent underground and internal roads, parking test equipment, test vehicles and test scenarios, as well as intelligent and connected vehicle data and cyber security evaluation standard, the demonstration zone has the capability of road scenario awareness and self-driving vehicle testing and verification.
This visit has allowed the students to share the vision with a company having the cutting-edge technology in intelligent mobility, envision a world in which everything would be interconnected and really feel its core values: working for the SICV family and contributing to China and the world for the common good.