Opening Ceremony of Iris Cultural Festival & Inauguration of SJTU China-France Cultural and Scientific Innovation Centre Held

On April 7th 2021, the opening ceremony of the Iris Cultural Festival and the inauguration of the China-France Cultural and Scientific Innovation Centre of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) were held at the Student Innovation Centre of the SJTU Minhang Campus, to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of SJTU. Co-hosted by SPEIT, SJTU School of Design (SoD), SJTU Student Innovation Centre (SIC) and the Shanghai Botanical Garden (SBG), the event was attended by the President of Aden Group and his entourage, the leadership of Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU, High School Affiliated to SJTU Minhang Branch, Shanghai Nanyang Model School and Shanghai Guangming High School, faculty members and students of SPEIT and SoD, as well as students from the SPEIT Chinese-French Student Association. The cultural festival featured a diverse range of cultural exhibitions and performances and artistic, cultural and scientific innovation activities. The opening ceremony was facilitated by Mr. LIU Zenglu, Secretary of SPEIT Party General Branch.
Head of the SBG Mr. FENG Shucheng, Dean of SoD Mr. RUAN Xin and French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET jointly inaugurated the cultural festival. Drawn by the team of Mr. WANG Hongwei of the SoD, the oversized iris oil painting fascinated the guests as they appreciated the beautiful shape, colourful flowers and wonderful pattern of the iris before standing in line for a group photo.
The guests were then ushered into a room to appreciate the unique art show of the Iris Cultural and Creative Art Workshop interspersed with beautiful iris supplied by the SBG. The show featured iris, and had been designed by the SoD with the support of SPEIT teachers and students as well as SJTU students interested in the French culture.
Mr. FENG said in his speech that iris was widely planted both in China and the rest of the world as a flower with profound cultural significance, and that the Centre for Iris Research and Cultural Exchange (CIRCE) was established to provide more opportunities for the development of SBG, SoD and SPEIT, and bring together business, the academia and research institutions for better landscaping and interdisciplinary cooperation between scientific innovation and cultural development.
Mr. RUAN said in his speech that CIRCE was founded on the occasion marking the 125th anniversary of SJTU to encourage the integration between cultural aesthetics and scientific innovation and promote academic and cultural exchanges. He wished that CIRCE could be used to explore the integration between science and art, innovate in instruction and practice, add the humanistic dimension to science and technology, reveal art in science, inspire students to innovate, and present the cultural and scientific outcomes of SJTU. And he looked forward to more communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign businesses and organizations where all could contribute to a better world.
The CIRCE is jointly inaugurated by Mr. FENG, Mr. RUAN and Mr. TOUMAZET.
The SJTU China-France Cultural and Scientific Innovation Centre is jointly inaugurated by Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan, Director of SIC Prof. CHEN Jiangping and Co-Founder & Co-President of Aden Group Mr. François AMMAN.
Mr. LI, Mr. CHEN, and Chief Innovation Officer of Aden Group Mr. Philippe OBRY delivered speeches, where they all expected to share their ideas about important lessons and future development through the China-France Cultural and Scientific Innovation Centre (CFCSIC) and contribute new thinking on developing international interdisciplinary students.
Co-Founder & Co-President of Aden Group Mr. Francois AMMAN, Chinese and French Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI and Mr. TOUMAZET are signing an agreement of cooperation.
SPEIT has always laid great emphasis on interdisciplinary instruction, student capacity building in innovation, problem solving and cultural awareness. It has evolved into a major platform for Chinese-French cultural and scientific exchanges for not only SJTU but Eastern China since it was established nine years ago. As a sub-centre under the SIC, CFCSIC was set up to promote SPEIT’s interdisciplinary approach and its endeavour for cultural and scientific innovation on the campus of SJTU. The establishment of CFCSIC also received strong support from French businesses, and Aden Group signed an agreement with SPEIT to make CFCSIC more attractive to the French business community in a shared effort to promote cultural and scientific innovation of SPEIT.
The event was also attended by the representatives of Shanghai Guangming High School, High School Affiliated to SJTU Minhang Branch, Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU and Shanghai Nanyang Model School, who expected to have deeper communication and cooperation with SPEIT through CFCSIC.
A forum on Chinese-French artistic, cultural and scientific exchanges was also held. Deputy Dean of SoD Mr. CHE Shengquan facilitated the forum, where experts and scholars from multiple fields such as science and technology, culture and art, and plant science were invited to deliver key speeches and exchange their views in a bid to better integrate cultural aesthetics with scientific innovation and promote cultural and academic communication through iris. The forum was aimed at exploring a jointly scientific and artistic approach to innovative instruction and practice, achieve an interdisciplinary integration between culture and scientific innovation, inspire students to innovate, develop interdisciplinary talents, demonstrate cultural and scientific innovation outcomes of SJTU and make the output of business, the academia and research institutions more applicable.