Intercultural Module|Artefact Chief Data Scientist ZHANG Pengfei invited to Deliver Lecture for SPEIT

School-business cooperation has always been an important strategy for SPEIT. Artefact experts have visited SPEIT multiple times to help student development since SPEIT signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with the Artefact Shanghai Office in November 2019. On the afternoon of April 28th 2021, the chief data scientist of Artefact Mr. ZHANG Pengfei and its human resources director Ms. ZHANG Lei jointly delivered a lecture entitled “Digital Consulting Strategy based on Data and AI” to the second-year students of SPEIT, who were joined by GE Minmin and LU Dongrui, two SPEIT graduates in the Class of 2021 that had just started their career, sharing their ideas about work.
Ms. ZHANG started the lecture by introducing Artefact as a French new data service company focused on data consulting and data-driven digital marketing and committed to helping businesses achieve digital transformation and create commercial values and influence. As an independent global company, Artefact has 25 offices across 18 countries/regions, employs over 900 people and has provided services to more than 1,000 brands. It has a central team comprised of three types of staff: data scientists, data engineers and data consultants. Mr. ZHANG explained their differences with a metaphor: contrary to traditional programmers, data scientists are those who discover laws from data and therefore have to be adept at processing, mining and demonstrating data and communicating as well, and are required to find any internal relations or correlations from a bunch of data and solidify them; but data engineers focus more on applying the laws discovered to cleanse data, build platforms, strive for data migration replicability and provide any references for other cases.
The floor was given to GE Minmin and LU Dongrui in the second part of the lecture. As two new entrants to Artefact, they showed how data scientists and engineers cooperated with case studies on how to discover potential repeat customers. By logically and systematically sorting out historical data relating to individuals and brands and with a model, they could gain a deeper understanding of the relations between people and brands, with which to review their loyalty and accurately single out those who would be most likely to have second purchase to help brands improve their precision marketing capabilities.
In the last part of the lecture, the students communicated with the lecturers over the necessity and practicability of learning mathematical sciences and how to stand out from the interviewees in an internship interview. The two graduates encouraged them to work hard on basic mathematical courses and were confident in SPEIT students who would grow stronger and more confident in the face of any challenges going forward. Also, they recommended having more logical communication and intuitive insight and thinking of solutions and ideas more quickly. In the commercial world with intense competition, they said, a step ahead would make one more competitive. Ms. ZHANG shared the golden rule for interviews: excellent academic performance, strong mathematical and logical thinking, and extensive internship experience. She also praised SPEIT students for their fast-learning ability and were confident in their character and attainment that would drive them to success, which inspired the students a lot who had more confidence in their future. After the lecture, the lecturers were surrounded by the students who were so excited to talk to them.
  ZHANG Pengfei: Chief Data Scientist at Artefact, SJTU undergraduate and PhD graduate, with many years of experience in cloud computing and data science in China and abroad.
  ZHANG Lei: Human Resources Director at Artefact, with over a decade of experience in the consulting industry.
  LU Dongrui: Data Engineer at Artefact, SPEIT Master of Science (Engineering) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Class of 2021.
  GE Minmin: Data Scientist at Artefact, SPEIT Master of Science (Engineering) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Class of 2021.