SPEIT Held 19th Joint Institutional Board Meeting

On the afternoon of April 29th 2021, the 19th joint institutional board meeting of SPEIT was held both online and offline simultaneously in Shanghai and Paris. The meeting was attended by Party Secretary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Mr. YANG Zhenbin, Vice President of SJTU Mr. HUANG Zhen, and member of the standing committee of SJTU‘s Party committee and Vice President of SJTU Ms. XU Xuemin at SJTU Minhang Campus, as well as President of ENSTA Paris Ms. Elisabeth CREPON, Chairman of the Board of Ecole Polytechnique and Institut Polytechnique de Paris Mr. Eric LABAYE and President of MINES ParisTech Mr. Vincent LAFLECHE in Paris. President of Valeo China Mr. François MARION attended the meeting in person, and Mr. Olivier DUBROEUCQ from Safran attended it via a video link. The meeting was co-chaired by Ms. CREPON and Ms. XU Xuemin.
Chinese Dean of SPEIT and Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan, French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET, Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT and Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu, and Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang briefed on staff recruitment, admissions, employment of the Class of 2021 and matters relating to the academic committee, etc. Both the Chinese and French sides cooperated closely in spite of the global pandemic in 2021, leading to excellent achievements in talent development, faculty development, cultural communication and international cooperation. The master graduates of the Class of 2021 remained strongly competitive in the job market, with stellar employment across the board, and a few excellent graduates continued their studies in Chinese and foreign well-noted universities. Faculty development has also made consistent breakthroughs. SPEIT is expected to hold the International Young Scholars Forum in May which more talents are expected to join. By attending the Higher Education Expo and holding the Iris Cultural Festival, SPEIT has seen growing influence and popularity that contributed to its admissions in China and abroad. The Chinese-French cooperation remained strong despite the coronavirus, as evidenced by the dual PhD programme agreement signed with IP Paris and a letter of intent on representative offices based on both sides signed with PSL, marking ever deeper cooperation between the two sides. In-depth discussions were made over some important topics such as wider and deeper cooperation, and key priorities and plans were specified in a new round of cooperation agreement. The budget for the year 2021 and the compensation reform proposal were also reviewed and approved at the meeting.
Mr. YANG said that he was delighted to see the continued development of SPEIT against the global pandemic and the determination of both sides to deepen cooperation, and thanked the French side for contributing to the smooth operations of SPEIT during the pandemic and the partners for their consistent support. As next year marks the tenth anniversary of SPEIT, he sincerely invited the French side to attend the celebration. The two sides would soon sign a new cooperation agreement, he said, and SPEIT would embrace a new phase of development that he had full confidence in.
Ms. CREPON expressed her delight and pride in the strong momentum of cooperation between the two sides and the sustained prosperity and development. She said the excellent achievements in talent development, faculty development and student exchanges wouldn’t have been made without close bilateral cooperation and mutual support. She extended her gratitude to the leaders and business representatives present at the meeting and wished they could make concerted efforts to create an even better future for SPEIT.
By partnering with four well-known French engineering schools, SPEIT aims to develop excellent engineering specialists and business leaders that are versatile, application-oriented and adaptable to economic and social development with an international vision. This meeting has set out a significant planning on the future of SPEIT, which would see deeper cooperation between the Chinese and French sides in scientific research and innovation. SJTU will strongly support and promote the signing and execution of the new cooperation agreement, heralding a brighter future for SPEIT.
Director of International Affairs Division of SJTU Mr. LUO Peng, Head of the Academic Affairs Office of SJTU Mr. YANG Jie, and Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Ms. LI Yi, etc. attended the meeting on the SJTU campus, while Vice President of ENSTA Paris Mr. Sylvain FERRARI, International Relations Director of ENSTA Paris Mr. Sébastien REYMOND, Liaison for International Relations Development of ENSTA Paris Ms. Julie MIMAULT, Director of International Relations of Ecole Polytechnique Ms. Gaëlle LE GOFF, International Relations Director of Telecom ParisTech Mr. Jean-François NAVINER, Liaison for International Programmes of Telecom ParisTech Mr. Nicolas PROST and Director of International Relations of Mines ParisTech Ms. Alma CATALA attended the meeting in Paris via video links.