The 5th Workshop on Developing Chinese-French Engineering Specialists and the 1st SPEIT International Young Scholars Forum Concluded

      On May 27th, the 5th Workshop on Developing Chinese-French Engineering Specialists and the 1st SPEIT International Young Scholars Forum was held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), where officials from the Consulate General of France in Shanghai, experts from SPEIT‘s French partner schools, college/university representatives and 40-odd international business representatives shared their ideas in both online and offline ways on international trend in engineering education, the patterns of developing excellent international interdisciplinary engineering specialists and the international landscape in instruction and scientific research. The event was facilitated by the French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET.
  The Dean of SJTU Graduate School Professor WANG Yaguang said in his speech that the annual workshop has provided a great opportunity for universities and businesses to communicate and cooperate and made significant contributions to developing excellent engineering specialists through industrial and instructional integration. SJTU is deepening the reform of the postgraduate professional degree programme, he said, and welcomes more businesses to have a deeper participation in its talent development, in a concerted effort to nurture more excellent engineering specialists for China.
  Scientific consul of the French Consulate General in Shanghai Mr. Xavier ASSFELD said he was privileged to visit SJTU, while giving his recognition to SPEIT students, praising their international vision and innovative spirit and encouraging them to continue applying Chinese and French cultures, technologies and innovations to their life and work. Citing what a French president had famously said - “Make Our Planet Great Again”, he said this is exactly what engineering education is all about, which can make our lives easier and our world better.
  The Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan extended his warm welcome and gratitude on behalf of SPEIT to those participating in the forum. He said that the development of engineering specialists concerns not only a country’s core manufacturing capacity but its future. Only with relentless pursuit of cooperation and reform as well as innovative patterns of developing engineering specialists, can we have a steady flow of excellent engineering specialists.
 Signing ceremony between SPEIT and three businesses
  At the Forum, SPEIT signed a memorandum of understanding with three scientifically and technologically innovative businesses: Zhejiang Yuansuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., and Dassault Systemes (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. School-business development is not only the essence of French engineering education, but a unique talent development model put forward by SPEIT based on innovation.
  The workshop consisted of three sub-forums: the School-Business Cooperation Forum, the SPEIT Student Scientific Innovation Forum and the International Young Scholars Forum, aimed at developing industry-leading interdisciplinary elites based on industrial development and complementary cooperation between university scholars and business experts.
  School-Business Cooperation Forum
  To promote industry-instruction integration and school-business cooperation and facilitate communication between SPEIT and the business community, this workshop devoted a sub-forum to school-business cooperation. The Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan delivered a report on the convention on the forecast and optimal control of cyber-physical systems, and the Director of SJTU Mobile and IoT Security Laboratory Professor WU Yue shared with the audience his research topics and cooperation with Télécom ParisTech. Reports were also delivered by representatives from the member of the business club Valeo, SPEIT‘s new partners Zhejiang Yuansuan, Schneider Electric, Dassault Systemes and Aden, as well as its old partners Rockwell research centre in Shanghai, Artefact and Zhejiang Huaqing Group Co., Ltd.
  SPEIT Student Scientific Innovation Forum
  The Student Scientific Innovation Forum was established as part of the workshop to increase the communication between students and their teachers and business representatives and provide students with an opportunity to talk to industry magnates.
 The 1st International Young Scholars Forum 
  With extensive educational and scientific research resources from SJTU and French partners as well as a highly international academic environment, SPEIT has seen rapid development in recent years, the scale and structure of whose faculty members have constantly been reformed, providing a great platform for young scholars. The 1st International Young Scholars Forum was established for this workshop, where 8 young scholars specializing in energy, nuclear engineering and information engineering from Canada, Denmark, France, Japan and Singapore shared with the audience their latest scientific research and academic achievements as well as the latest issues in science and technology via online links or in person. They also participated in the interviews with professors and party committee secretaries held by SPEIT the next day.
  The 3rd SPEIT Scientific Committee Meeting was also held during the event, where the French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET elaborated on the CTI interim report and summarized what SPEIT had achieved since obtaining the CTI certification, such as a steady rise in admissions, an expanding pool of faculty members, rising competitiveness of graduates and acclaim from employers. SPEIT and business representatives had adequate discussions over a range of topics such as innovative school-business cooperation, innovative talent development and scientific research projects, and business representatives proposed many constructive recommendations for the development of SPEIT.
  In his closing remarks, Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu stressed that the Forum was focused on the key issues in Chinese-French engineering education cooperation, their solutions, and the ways to elevate Chinese-French education communication and cooperation to higher levels as part of its contribution to China’s endeavour to build an education power.
  The event was also attended by the French Dean of the Sino-European School of Technology of Shanghai Mr. Marc BONDIOU as well as 40-odd representatives from 10-something businesses such as Valeo China, Zhejiang Yuansuan, Schneider Electric, Dassault Systemes, Aden, Rockwell Automation, Zhejiang Huaqing, Artefact, Ubisoft Entertainment, Baowu Steel Group, Faurecia, L‘Oréal, AirTAC, Vallourec and ART logics.