Opening ceremony for the first-year students of 2021 and the ceremony of commendation for the teachers were held

On the afternoon of September 10th, SPEIT held the opening ceremony for the first-year students of 2021 and the ceremony of commendation for the teachers. The Chinese Dean of SPEIT Mr. LI Shaoyuan, Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Mr. LIU Zenglu, Vice Dean of SPEIT Mr. LU Jialiang, Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch of SPEIT Ms. LI Yi, some teachers and administrative staff, as well as all the first-year students of 2021 and student representatives of previous academic years, were gathered at the Academic Activity Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) at its Minhang Campus for the event, which the French Dean of SPEIT Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET attended virtually while self-isolating at home. They were all present to witness the solemn moment marking the start of university life of the students. The event was facilitated by Mr. LU.
As the national anthem was played at 2:00 pm, the opening ceremony for the SPEIT first-year students of 2021 officially kicked off.
The ceremony started with Mr. Frédéric TOUMAZET delivering a speech via a video link to extend his warm welcome to all the new students on behalf of SPEIT and its four French partners. He said in his speech that SPEIT had stood the enormous test of COVID-19 and would remain steadfast in proceeding with greater confidence in making this year a successful and promising year for SPEIT. He likened SPEIT to a big family where the teachers and students are very close, and expected the students to stay united, learn to listen and care for each other. SPEIT, he said, also welcomes every one of them to fully express his or her own ideas and integrate into this warm big family as soon as possible.
 Mr. Frédéric was followed by Mr. LI Shaoyuan who expressed his warm welcome and sincere congratulations to the students. He said in his speech that a unique and fascinating journey awaits them at this Chinese-French college in this beautiful period of the year symbolizing harvest and hope. He pointed out the need for them to work on their own, build a systemic knowledge structure, foster positive values and cultivate good character at what is often hailed as the place for “hardening iron into steel”. By quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s words “Men have to be toughened by experiences just as knives have to sharpened on stones, and success rarely comes without arduousness and rich experience”, he encouraged students to improve their competency at SPEIT, contribute to China’s development with their excellence, resilience, rigor and passion and embrace a future of their own.
HE Jiaping, a graduate student of 2020, delivered a speech on behalf of the senior students, where he shared his thoughts about excellence. He said that the diverse courses that SPEIT offered and its requirement for French learning could help students broaden their knowledge base, harden their character and toughen their learning ability and adaptability to perform even better. And the intercultural communication platforms and research opportunities that SPEIT offers, he said, would help develop their international vision and academic confidence and provide infinite possibilities for their development. He shared his experience of working on robots, where he had worked very hard and won the second prize in a global competition with his teammates. He fervently called on every student to “explore and persist while being down-to-earth to lead a fulfilling college life at SPEIT”.
ZHOU Yu then came out speaking for the new students. She expressed her conviction in studying at SJTU with responsibilities, and shared her thoughts about college life. She said that SPEIT provides a diverse range of opportunities for development where there are infinite possibilities to explore and contribute. She also made preparations for any challenges that may lie ahead, and would develop systemic learning plans for the goal of being an excellent engineer. “Wish we all could forge ahead with confidence to become whatever we want to be,” said ZHOU.
Associate Professor CHEN Liang spoke on behalf of SPEIT faculty over the topic “Stress Makes Excellence”, sharing his thoughts about his experience with a sense of humour. He believed that everyone would have stress that is worth respect, advised the students to relieve their stress with good food and exercise and avoid indulging in hectic yet meaningless things, and encouraged them to take an active part in research projects of SPEIT and think more to better cope with stress and lead an excellent life.
The class administrators for the first-year students of 2021 went on stage, speaking in one voice to welcome them to SPEIT and look forward to an unforgettable college life together at SPEIT.
The event coincided with the 37th Chinese Teachers‘ Day. And to observe the special day, the first-year students of SPEIT presented the little flowers that they had carefully prepared to the teachers as a token of gratitude for all that they have dedicated. The flowers came as both a surprise and greetings for the teachers. To thank teachers for their hard work and dedication, SPEIT commended those with outstanding performance in instruction, student tutelage, publication, pedagogical study, research, management and services in the last academic year, and extended best wishes to the faculty.
Following the conclusion of the event, SPEIT held the first class for the first-year students, facilitated by Ms. LI Yi, where the Secretary was invited to lecture under the theme “Heroes Are Made in Times of Drastic Changes”.
The ceremony started with a collective vision for a better future and concluded in a big round of applause. As the new semester marks the beginning for a new academic journey, we hope our students could embrace their development with a brand-new mindset, uphold their ideals and convictions, develop good character and hone their skills to realize their dreams through hard work and strive to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!