Intercultural Module|Chief Innovation Group of Aden Group Mr. Philippe OBRY Invited to Deliver Lecture for SPEIT

With a strong workforce of 26,000 people, Aden Group is an integrated facility management service provider based in Asia that is dedicated to optimizing the built environment and applying energy management to achieve asset appreciation, promote sustainable development and improve people‘s quality of life. How to decarbonize the world to make it adaptive to climate change presents an enormous challenge to mankind. He said that 39% of the world’s carbon dioxide emission comes from the building industry and 11% from materials and buildings.
In the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) era, various buildings and cities have to apply the latest data science to integrate data sources and use digitalization to centralize and store key information and improve efficiency, in an effort to reach the target of net zero carbon emission at an early date. In this process, developing and applying the digital twin technology is of great significance to higher data accuracy and transparency. By creating a completely digitalized value chain, traditional fields would not only see an upgraded digitalization but be able to apply integrated digital platforms to optimize energy management and become more environmentally-friendly.
He shared with the students the latest developments in the industry of energy-saving buildings by presenting a large number of fantastic videos. As every one of us spends most of his or her day in various buildings, the evolution of buildings will be closely related to our survival. And they have to be constantly designed and optimized by us. Creating a future with our own hands may be the best way for mankind to predict the future.