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Renaming announcement

SJTU ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology has been in existence for nearly nine years. With the cooperation Sino-French, the school has achieved a series of outstanding results in talent training and other aspects. In recent years, the reform and reorganization was carried out in French higher education, the status of French partner schools has undergone some changes. In order to further expand and deepen the cooperation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and French partner schools have decided to change the Institute name, it was also reported to the Chinese Ministry of Education for approval, the college is now officially renamed as follows:

In Chinese:上海交通大学巴黎卓越工程师学院

In FrenchEcole d’ingénieurs Paris SJTU

In EnglishSJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology


Announcement is hereby given.


SJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology