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Course Name:Numerical modeling of solids and structures



Ziad MOUMNI is Professor of mechanical engineering, deputy head of the Department of Mechanics, leader of the research group “matériaux et structures” (MS) and head of the Pôle transport” at ENSTA ParisTech. He holds a Ph.D in non-linear mechanics, (LMS Ecole polytechnique, 1995) and a HDR « habilitation à diriger les recherches » in engineering sciences from the university Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris 6 (2009). His research fields deal with the theoretical and numerical modeling of the behavior, fatigue and fracture of non-linear materials and structures presenting multi-physics and thermo- mechanical coupling, namely smart materials and structures. In 2000, he created the research group MS which is today internationally recognized for

its activities in the field of smart materials and structures. He is involved in many industrial applications in the field of transportation and energy (PSA, SNCF, CNES, CEA, EDF, SNECMA, Renault). He published more than 80 papers in international journals (IJP, JMPS, IJSS, SMS, IJF, IJES etc.). In 2015 Professor Ziad MOUMNI was rewarded by "The People's Republic of China Friendship Award”.

Recent publications :

Jun Wang, Ziad Moumni, Weihong Zhang, Wael Zaki,  a thermomechanically coupled finite-deformation model for Shape Memory Alloys, International Journal of Engineering Science, Volume 117,Pages 51-77, August 2017.
Yahui Zhang, Yajun You, Ziad Moumni, Gunay Anlas, Jihong Zhu, Weihong Zhang, Experimental and theoretical investigation on the frequency effect of low cycle fatigue of SMA, International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 90, March 2017, Pages 1-30.
Lin Zheng, Yongjun He, Ziad Moumni, investigation on fatigue behaviors of NiTi polycristalline strips under stress-controlled tension via in-situ macro-band observations, International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 90, March 2017, Pages 116-145.
Yajun You, Yahui Zhang, Ziad Moumni, Gunay Anlas, Weihong Zhang, effect of the thermomechanical coupling on fatigue crack propagation in NiTi SMA,Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 685, 8 February 2017, Pages 50-56.
Xiaojun Gu, Ziad Moumni, Wael Zaki and Weihong Zhang, Shakedown based model for high-cycle fatigue of shape memory alloys, smart materials and structures, Vol 25, Issue 11, 2016.
Hao Yin, Yongjun He, Ziad Moumni, Qingping Sun, effect of grain size on tensile fatigue of nanostructured SMA, International Journal of Fatigue, Volume 88, July 2016, Pages 166-177.